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What it Means to be a Golden Eagle?

Updated April 3, 2014
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Fight Song

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Originally called Southern to the Top! the University's fight song was penned in 1955 by Robert Hays, assistant director of The Pride of Mississippi Marching Band. Hays wrote the song as a closer for the first act of Hey Daze, a three-act musical based on student life at Mississippi Southern College. The song became so popular that it has been echoed at athletic contests for more than six decades.

The University's fight song was eventually renamed Southern Miss to the Top! to reflect the University's popular nickname, Southern Miss. Southern Miss to the Top! is played each time Southern Miss scores a touchdown in football. It is also an instrumental aspect of any Southern Miss athletic or academic event.

Southern Mississippi to the top! to the top,
So lift your voices high, show them the reason why,
That Southern spirit never will stop.
Fight! Fight! Fight!
Southern Mississippi all the way, banners high
And we will Fight! Fight! Fight! to victory,
Hear our battle cry!

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