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What it Means to be a Golden Eagle?

Updated April 3, 2014
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The Southern Miss creed is a set of beliefs that all Golden Eagles cherish. It was adopted by the Student Government Association May 12, 1958, and according to the minutes of that meeting, it was Senate Bill #9-S-58: A Bill to Establish a Creed for Mississippi Southern College. The only bill on the calendar that day, it was passed by a unanimous vote. The creed debuted in the May 16, 1958, issue of The Student Printz, where it was printed in its entirety.

We believe in the high ideals for which
The University of Southern Mississippi stands.

We believe in education that gives us knowledge to live and work wisely.
We believe in accepting responsibilities and striving toward our goals to better our schools, community and country.
We believe in cooperative work that teaches us to use our hands and minds skillfully.

We believe in thoughtfulness of others that cultivates lasting friendship.
We believe that through honesty, sincerity and diligent work

We can develop ourselves.

We believe that by doing just and walking humbly with our God we serve our fellow man and our country.
And because The University of Southern Mississippi stands for these things, we believe in Southern Miss, and we love it!

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