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What it Means to be a Golden Eagle?

Updated April 3, 2014
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Golden Eagle Code of Honor
The 1913-14 Mississippi Normal College Bulletin states that "The general rule of the college is for each boy and girl to do the right thing." It further states, "As long as students respect the rights of their fellow students and the wishes of the president and faculty, they will not be harassed and made uncomfortable by rules and regulations." President Joe Cook's personal motto was, "Get there on time and stay to the end," which pretty much became the campus slogan during his tenure.

When the Student Government Association (SGA) was formed on October 8, 1912, it adopted the motto, "Every man a gentleman and every woman a lady." Observation of the SGA motto was all that was expected of any student. The school colors, black and gold, were chosen in 1912.

Bearing these things in mind, the Golden Eagle Code of Honor can be stated as follows:

A Golden Eagle

  • Always does the right thing
  • Is punctual and respectful (gets there on time and stays to the end)
  • Is always a lady or a gentleman
  • Is true to the Black and Gold
Part of being a Golden Eagle is participating in the Southern Miss Alumni Association. The organization was founded May 4, 1917, and its first president was T.A. Sewell, a 1917 graduate of Mississippi Normal College. The primary objectives of the Alumni Association are to maintain contact with former students, to be of service to former students, and to support and serve the entire school.

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