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Southern Miss Strength and Conditioning

Southern Miss Strength and Conditioning

The Sports Nutrition program at Southern Miss provides a scientific evidence-based approach with all 17 teams. Our program consists of fueling stations, body composition testing, supplement evaluation, meal planning, cooking demonstrations, grocery store tours, team and individual education. We work closely with coaches, strength and conditioning, and athletic training to create a performance team system with all student-athletes. Our Sports Nutrition program provides athletes with the knowledge, resources and guidance to maximize performance to the fullest potential.


Our Sports Nutrition program aims to fuel Golden Eagle athletes for training to promote quick recoveries from intense training sessions while reducing the risk of injury. Southern Miss Sports Nutrition strives to educate athletes on scientific evidence-based research regarding nutrient intake and timing techniques to achieve optimal performance.

Nutrition Philosophy

We promote whole foods as the optimal fuel source for the body. We believe in meeting athletes where they stand with an individualized approach. We work with athletes to develop a plan that fits based on sport-specific, schedule, periodization and individual goals. 


  1. Provide team and personalized nutrition education and meal planning
  2. Maximize recovery between and after each training session
  3. Education on NCAA compliant supplement consumption
  4. Set individual body composition goals
  5. Promote healthy long-term lifestyle nutrition

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