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Southern Miss Strength and Conditioning

Mission Statement

To provide out student athletes with the knowledge, motivation, resources, and tools they need to develop into the athlete and person that represents Southern Miss in a first class manner.

Our staff will provide the best training methods and education to lead our athletes to become the absolute best they can be. All four phases of performance will become the pillars of our program.

MINDSET - The power to believe that impossible is nothing. The power to let your mind control your body.

MOVEMENT - The basis of all sport, learning to move correctly and efficiently, will greatly enhance our ability to win!

NUTRITION - As an athlete this is our FUEL. Learning to fuel our bodies for practice, competition, and life will be essential.

RECOVERY - Our ability to actively recover from the rigors and stress of the game will prepare us to return to play stronger and better. Most importantly we have to SLEEP! Soft tissue massage, mobility, flexibility, corrective exercises, hydrotherapy, hydration, and nutrition will also be key contributors to our recovery.

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