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Southern Miss Athletic Staff Directory

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Mailing Address  Overnight Mailing Address    Phone Numbers
Southern Miss Athletics        Southern Miss Athletics  Athletic Center - (601) 266-5017
[Name of Person or Department]  [Name of Person or Department]    Media Relations - (601) 266-4503
118 College Drive #5017  2609 West 4th Street Ticket Office - (601) 266-5418 or 1-800-844-TICK
Hattiesburg, Miss. 39406-0001 Hattiesburg, Miss. 39401 Fax Machine - (601) 266-6595

Jon Gilbert,  Director of Athletics 266-5017 Email
Kent Hegenauer,  Sr. Associate AD for Internal Operations 266-5017 Email
Sonya Varnell,  Sr. Associate AD for Olympic Sports / Senior Woman Administrator 266-5017 Email
Caroline Bevillard, Associate AD 266-5017 Email
Stephen Pugh,  Sr. Associate AD for External Operations 266-5281 Email
Brian Morrison,  Sr. Associate AD for Development 266-5055 Email
Christi Holloway,  Chief Financial Officer for Athletics and Athletic Foundation 266-5055 Email
Austin Cox,  Chief Special Project Coordinator 266-5017 Email
Dr. Dennis Phillips,  Faculty Athletic Representative 266-5578 Email
Southern Miss Athletic Foundation / Eagle Club
Lee Applewhite,  Director of Development 266-4906 Email
Cody Bielstein,  Assistant Director of Athletics Development 266-6829 Email
Kendall Towe,  Assistant Director of Development Internal Operations 266-6301 Email
Misty McWhorter,  Athletic Foundation Staff Accountant 266-5346 Email
Amanda Raynes,  Graduate Assistant 266-5299 Email
John Cox,  Director of Broadcasting 266-4503 Email
Business Office
Jane Massengale,  Assistant Athletic Director / Business Operations 266-5526 Email
Cheer & Dance
Brandon Roberts,  Head Coach / Cheerleading 955-0258 Email
Rebecca Chandler,  Head Coach / Southern Misses 955-0258 Email
Sarah Bass,  Assistant Coach / Southern Misses 554-6361 Email
Compliance & Student Services
Kyle Richards ,  Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance 266-5485 Email
Brian Nolasco ,  Compliance Coordinator 266-5485 Email
Graham Thomas ,  Graduate Assistant 543-7535 Email
Patrick Stewart ,  Assistant Athletic Director for Equipment Operations 266-6550 Email
Harley Warren ,  Assistant Equipment Manager 266-5678 Email
Leslie Bogle ,  Facility Building Manager & Assistant Equipment Manager 543-6550 Email
Jeremy Tekulve ,  Graduate Assistant 266-4765 Email
Facilities & Event Operations
Tim Atkinson ,  Associate Athletic Director 266-5025 Email
Jamie Martin ,  General Manager, IMG 266-7600 Email
Jeremy Ward ,  Senior Account Executive, IMG 266-7600 Email
Hunter White ,  Account Executive, IMG 266-7601 Email
Mary Lois Brady ,  Partner Services Coordinator, IMG 266-7603 Email
Murray Littlepage ,  Director of Marketing 266-6866 Email
Whitley Ruffin,  Director of Digital Marketing/Creative Services 266-5946 Email
Eric Beatty,  Marketing Graduate Assistant 266-6629 Email
Carly Della Sala,  Marketing Graduate Assistant 266-6551 Email
Athletic Communications
Jack Duggan ,  Assistant Athletic Director (Football, Baseball, Men's Golf) 266-5947 Email
David Cohen ,  Director of Communications (Men's Basketball, Volleyball) 266-6240 Email
Josie Copley ,  Graduate Assistant (Softball, Track, Cross Country) 266-4503 Email
Sterling Randle ,  Graduate Assistant (Women's Basketball, Women's Golf) 266-4503 Email
Ashleigh Young ,  Graduate Assistant (Soccer, Men's and Women's Tennis) 266-4503 Email
Student Academic Enhancement Program
Kylie Amato ,  Associate AD for Academic Support Services (Men's Basketball and Volleyball) 266-6785 Email
Rob Shillito ,  Assistant AD for Academic Support Services (Baseball, Women's Basketball) 266-5488 Email
Jeff Duplisea ,  Academic Counselor (Men's Golf, Women's Golf, Softball and Tutorial Services) 266-4502 Email
Tim Ilgunas ,  Academic Counselor (Men's and Women's Track, Soccer) 266-5472 Email
Connor Golden-Sims ,  Academic Counselor (Football (Defense)) 266-6445 Email
Raven Tatum ,  Academic Counselor (Football (Offense), Men's and Women's Tennis) 266-6587 Email
Ethan Hutcheson ,  Graduate Assistant Email
Student-Athlete Development
Dr. Melissa Thompson ,  Director of Student-Athlete Development 266-6785 Email
Jamie Jones,  Community Outreach Coordinator 266-4765 Email
Ryan Leonard,  Learning Specialist 266-4765 Email
Karen Hinton,  Program Manager 266-4794 Email
Natasha Hansen, R.D,  Director of Healthy Choices and Wellness Educator/Sports Dietitian 266-4794 Email
Lauren Lanford,  Director of Life Skills and Career Development 266-6785 Email
Sports Medicine
Todd McCall ,  Assistant Athletic Director / Athletic Training 266-5830 Email
Melissa Chastang ,  Assistant Athletic Trainer (Football) 266-5017 Email
Yuji Katsuta ,  Assistant Athletic Trainer (Men's Basketball) 266-5830 Email
Jayme Nauman ,  Assistant Athletic Trainer (Women's Basketball) 266-5830 Email
Heather Nosky ,  Assistant Athletic Trainer (Soccer) 266-4285 Email
Evan Denoux ,  Graduate Assistant (Volleyball) 266-5830 Email
Hope Wildharber ,  Graduate Assistant ( 266-5830 Email
Hunter Martin ,  Graduate Assistant 266-5830 Email
Jonathan Pierce,  Graduate Assistant (Softball) 266-5830 Email
Jordan Adams,  Graduate Assistant (Track and Field, Cross Country) 266-5830 Email
Sports Video
Kaylie Shannon,  Assistant Athletic Director / Sports Technology 266-6819 Email
Chase Bitowf,  Assistant Director / Football Video Coordinator 266-4567 Email
Treis LeBlanc,  Video Production / Graduate Assistant Email
Strength & Conditioning
SaJason Finley,  Head Strength & Conditioning Coach 266-6243 Email
T.J. Greenstone,  Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach 266-6243 Email
William Prince,  Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach 266-6243 Email
Matt Mandich,  Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach 266-6243 Email
Alex Richard,  Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach 266-6355 Email
Brooke Veltkamp,  Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach 266-6444 Email
Marcus Makovicka,  Graduate Assistant 266-6243 Email
Todd Makovicka,  Graduate Assistant 266-6243 Email
Perry Turner,  Graduate Assistant 266-6243 Email
Ticket Office
Chris Condit,  Assistant Athletic Director / Ticket Operations 266-5418 Email
Lynne Firmin,  Director of Ticket Operations and Sales 266-6721 Email
IMG Learfield Ticket Solutions
Chris Adams,  General Manager 266-6571 Email
Rob Doerger,  Account Executive 266-4563 Email
Scott Berry,  Head Coach 266-6542 Email
Chad Caillet,  Associate Head Coach 266-6542 Email
Christian Ostrander,  Assistant Coach 266-6542 Email
B.A. Vollmuth,  Assistant Coach / Coordinator of Camps 266-6542 Email
Men's Basketball
Doc Sadler,  Head Coach 266-6355 Email
Steve Shields,  Assistant Coach 266-6355 Email
Marques Townsend,  Assistant Coach 266-6355 Email
Clarence Weatherspoon,  Assistant Coach 266-6355 Email
Omar Thomas,  Director of Operations 266-6355 Email
Connor Wheeler,  Video Coordinator 266-6355 Email
Jeremy Tekulve,  Graduate Assistant 266-6355 Email
Norma Burke,  Administrative Assistant 266-6355 Email
Women's Basketball
Joye Lee-McNelis,  Head Coach 266-6444 Email
Kiley Hill,  Associate Head Coach 266-6444 Email
Victoria Crawford,  Assistant Coach 266-6444 Email
Lauren Pittman,  Assistant Coach Recruiting Coordinator 266-6444 Email
Emily Dykes,  Administrative Assistant 266-6444 Email
Drew Granger,  Director of Basketball Operations 266-6444 Email
Jay Hopson,  Head Coach 266-4567 Email
Shannon Dawson,  Offensive Coordinator / Quarterbacks 266-4567 Email
Tim Billings,  Assistant Head Coach / Defensive Coordinator / Safeties 266-4567 Email
Chris Boone,  Assistant Coach / Defensive Line 266-4567 Email
Brock Hays,  Assistant Coach / Tight Ends 266-4567 Email
Eddie Hicks,  Assistant Coach / Cornerbacks 266-4567 Email
Les Koenning,  Assistant Coach / Running Backs 266-4567 Email
Erik Losey,  Assistant Coach / Offensive Line 266-4567 Email
Derek Nicholson,  Assistant Coach / Co-Defensive Coordinator / Linebackers 266-4567 Email
Scott Walden ,  Assistant Coach / Inside Wide Receivers & Tight Ends 266-4567 Email
Paul Gonnella ,  Assistant Coach 266-4567 Email
Wes Turner ,  Director of Player Personnel 266-4567 Email
Nikki Mattison ,  Administrative Assistant 266-4567 Email
Dexter Hollingsworth ,  Offensive Graduate Assistant 266-4567 Email
Bryan Stork ,  Offensive Graduate Assistant 266-4567 Email
Akeem Davis,  Defensive Graduate Assistant 266-4567 Email
Aaron Walker ,  Defensive Graduate Assistant 266-4567 Email
All Recruiting Correspondence ,  (601) 266-5393 | Fax: (601) 266-6597 Email
Men's Golf
Eddie Brescher III,  Head Coach 266-4836 Email
Women's Golf
Lucy Nunn,  Head Coach 266-4836 Email
Kelly Erasmus,  Student Coach 266-5017 Email
Mohammed El-Zare,  Head Coach 266-6584 Email
Megan Snelling,  Assistant Coach 266-6584 Email
Dylan Burnett,  Student Coach 266-6584 Email
Wendy Hogue,  Head Coach 266-6750 Email
Kayla Watkins,  Pitching Coach Email
Carlos Castro,  Hitting Coach Email
Christian Castro,  Volunteer Coach Email
Laurie Neelis,  Director of Operations 266-6750 Email
Men's Tennis
Zubin Engineer,  Head Coach 266-7658 Email
Women's Tennis
Dominic Modise,  Head Coach 854-7703 Email
Track & Field - Men's & Women's
Jon Stuart,  Head Coach 266-5038 Email
Aaron Kindt,  Assistant Coach / Cross Country Coach 266-6631 Email
Jennifer Svoboda,  Assistant Coach 266-6630 Email
John Ellis,  Assistant Coach 266-5694 Email
Stephanie Radecki,  Head Coach 266-5636 Email
Jennifer McCall,  Assistant Coach 266-5636 Email
Peyton Lang,  Assistant Coach 266-5636 Email
Hannah Masoner,  Graduate Assistant 266-5636 Email

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