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Getting to Know Lydia Bonner

Lydia Bonner

Oct. 25, 2012

Lydia Bonner of Houston, Texas has started her collegiate career with some impressive performances. Bonner is the only freshmen in the league who ranks among the top 20 in kills. She has recorded double-digit kills in 11 matches with a season-high of 17 against Marist and Houston Baptist. She earned all-tournament honors Bon Temps Invitational.

Full Name: Lydia Gne` Bonner

Name as you want it to appear: Lydia Bonner

Nickname(s): Lyds

Birth date: October 11

Major(s): Finance/ Healthcare Marketing

Family members (parents + include ages with siblings): Linell Bonner (Dad), Avis Bonner (Mom), Lyza Bonner (Sister 21), Linell (Tre`) Bonner III (Brother 17)

Hobbies/Interests: Art, Nail Painting, Watching Football/ Basketball

Do you do any volunteer activities? If yes, what? No

Are you involved in any organizations or honor societies on campus? Volleyball

Why did you choose Southern Miss? I felt very welcomed! I loved the campus, the coaches and the team. I know that Southern Miss has the potential to be very great and I want to be part of the reason that it's great!

Favorites	Athlete: Female-Destinee Hooker, Male- Andre Johnson
		Movie: Mean Girls
		TV show: The Vampire Diaries
		Sports team: Houston Texans
		Food: Pork Roast
		Place on campus: The Coliseum of course!

First started volleyball (age/grade): 10/5th grade

Most memorable match: High School game against rival team Westfield

Before each match I ... (do what): Pray. Listen to a series of specific songs and envision what I want to do on the court in the game.

In off-season training, I worked on: Setting the ball

This summer, I did (What are you doing now? - classes, working, etc.): Work-Outs to prepare myself for playing volleyball at Southern Miss

The best thing about Hattiesburg is: All the places to Eat!!

If I wasn't playing college volleyball, I would be ... (doing what): Coaching Club Volleyball part time My idea of happiness is: Being around my Family and loved ones

My role models are: My Parents and their overall approach to life

What talent would you like to have? I would like to be able to have a 32' inch vertical

Fantasy job/career: College Volleyball Coach

One thing I absolutely have to do before I turn 40: Visit Rome

Post-college/career plans: Pharmaceutical Sales/ Marketing

If I could bring one thing from my hometown, it would be: My Bed!!!!

The most unusual thing the average person would not know about me is: I can't live without: Chocolate

Greatest invention of the last 100 years: Skype

What is your greatest achievement or regret? Achievement: Being able to play volleyball in college

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Super strength (but I wouldn't appear to be strong lol)

If you were Coach Sutherland for a day, what would you do? Write an inspirational book titled "All the Marbles" haha!

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