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Set, Spike and Stuff with Leslie Robertson

Set, Spike and Stuff with Leslie Robertson

Leslie Robertson

During the 2005 Southern Miss Volleyball season, each Lady Eagle will match up with Athletics Media Relations Graduate Assistant Joe Trahan as he serves up questions about life and volleyball.


This week features Rightside Hitter Leslie Robertson. The senior, physical education major, has recorded 147 kills, 60 assists, 36 service aces, 280 digs and 40 blocks in her career. She hails from Ancaster, Ontario, Canada.


What does it mean to be the team?s only Canadian?

?It usually means that I?m the butt of the joke, most of the time. The team likes to make fun of the way I talk, particularly with the whole ?eh? (pronounced as ?a?) thing. You have to say ?eh? after everything, obviously as a Canadian. As a whole, I think I bring a good flavor to the team as its only Canadian.?


Seniors usually have the responsibility of creating nicknames for their teammates. So as one of two seniors on the team, what are some of the girls nicknames?

?We call Stevi Cherry, ?Steve-O?; Ednali Serralta is called ?E?; Morgan Johnson, with her new hair color, is called ?Big Red?; Jazzmien Stephens is called ?Jazz.? There?s quite a few names for everyone, I just can?t think of them all right now.?


What is your nickname?

?L-Rob. Coach Luyties actually started the nickname here, but I was called that back home.?


What words best describe a Southern Miss senior volleyball player?

?Enthusiasm; intensity; experience; being able to keep everyone going and excited; pushing everyone in practice and making sure that everyone feels a part of the team.?


In your time as a member of this team, you?ve seen your share of different Lady Eagle volleyball team uniforms. So which one is your favorite?

?This year?s uniform (all black, and white jersey and black shorts) is probably my favorite.?


If you could design a uniform for the school, what would it look like?

?It would be something that is definitely looser than what we have now. We all love the comfort of spandex, but I do think that some things are a little too revealing. I?d like to have some gold in our uniforms, instead of just black and white. I think we should have our names on the back of the jerseys too.?


What is the most pressuring situation to be in volleyball?

?Having to serve for game point is very stressful.?


What volleyball skill are you best at?

?My defense and passing.?


There is no girl on the team that is shorter than 5?10. How much of an advantage is it to have height in volleyball?

?It?s definitely an advantage. But even some of our shorter girls have good jumping ability, making up for the lack of height. So it?s good to be tall in this sport, but if you?re under six foot you can be a good player as well.?


How much of an advantage or disadvantage is it to have height on a college campus, where the average height for a female college student isn?t over six feet tall?

?I like being tall, but everyone always think that we play basketball, which I used to play anyway.?


The one thing you want fans at Southern Miss volleyball games to do is??

?For them to be at every game wearing their ?Go Gold? t-shirts supporting Southern Miss. It?d be nice to see them at some of our non-home matches that are closer to the school as well so that we could have a fan club to follow us around at all of our games.?

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