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                               2017-18 Southern Miss Lady Eagles
                     Southern Miss Game-by-Game Highs (as of Jan 18, 2018)
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Opponent                  Date      Score  WL    POINTS           REBOUNDS         ASSISTS          STEALS           BLOCKED SHOTS
WILLIAM CAREY             11/10/17  82-44  W    18-HAILES, Shont  9-LANDING, Ambe  6-KENNEDY, Alli  5-HAILES, Shont  1-LANDING, Ambe
                                                                                                                       Mayze, Alarie
TULANE                    11/14/17  66-58  W    22-HAILES, Shont 11-KING, Jayla    7-HAILES, Shont  3-HAILES, Shont  3-LANDING, Ambe
MISSISSIPPI VALLEY S      11/16/17  84-69  W    19-KING, Jayla   17-KING, Jayla    6-HAILES, Shont  5-KING, Jayla    3-LANDING, Ambe
at Mississippi State      11/19/17  56-91   L   11-Megan Brown    6-Jayla King     5-Shonte Hailes  3-Jayla King     2-Kyle Felton
ALCORN STATE              11/24/17  72-67  W    30-KING, Jayla    7-LANDING, Ambe  5-KING, Jayla    3-BROWN, Megan   4-LANDING, Ambe
                                                                    King, Jayla
ALABAMA STATE             11/25/17  72-35  W    15-BROWN, Megan   8-LEAPHART, Res  7-HAILES, Shont  3-HAILES, Shont  5-LANDING, Ambe
at Northwestern State     11/28/17  71-59  W    25-KING, Jayla    6-KING, Jayla    5-HAILES, Shont  3-BROWN, Molly   4-LANDING, Ambe
                                                                                                      King, Jayla
                                                                                                      Lott, Hanah
SOUTH ALABAMA             11/30/17  57-78   L   22-KING, Jayla   11-KING, Jayla    8-HAILES, Shont  3-KING, Jayla    1-MAYZE, Alarie
at Ole Miss               12-12-17  59-68   L   12-BROWN, Megan  10-KING, Jayla    8-HAILES, Shont  3-LEAPHART, Res  1-LANDING, Ambe
                                                   King, Jayla                                                         King, Jayla
                                                                                                                       Felton, Kyle
SAM HOUSTON STATE         12/15/17  58-38  W    18-KING, Jayla   12-BROWN, Megan   5-HAILES, Shont  4-MAYZE, Alarie  2-FELTON, Kyle
at Samford                12/19/17  56-61   L   17-BROWN, Megan   6-LANDING, Ambe  6-BROWN, Megan   3-HAILES, Shont  3-LANDING, Ambe
at Georgia Tech           12/21/17  44-63   L   13-KING, Jayla    4-KING, Jayla    7-HAILES, Shont  4-KING, Jayla    1-LANDING, Ambe
                                                                                                                       Mayze, Alarie
                                                                                                                       HAILES, Shont
BLUE MOUNTAIN             12/30/17  96-46  W    21-HAILES, Shont  9-BROWN, Megan   6-KENNEDY, Alli  5-MAYZE, Alarie  3-LANDING, Ambe
at Charlotte              01/04/18  56-66   L   20-BROWN, Megan  10-KING, Jayla    6-HAILES, Shont  2-KING, Jayla    1-LANDING, Ambe
at WKU                    01/06/18  60-81   L   16-KING, Jayla    8-BROWN, Megan   5-HAILES, Shont  1-HAILES, Shont  1-MAYZE, Alarie
                                                   Brown, Megan                                       Mayze, Alarie
                                                                                                      Brown, Megan
LA TECH                   01/11/18  65-50  W    19-KING, Jayla    8-LEAPHART, Res  4-BROWN, Megan   3-BROWN, Megan   2-MAYZE, Alarie
at UAB                    01/18/18  80-63  W    28-HAILES, Shont 11-KING, Jayla    4-HAILES, Shont  4-KING, Jayla    1-LEAPHART, Res
                                                                                                                       Mayze, Alarie