Post Game Quotes

March 14, 2014

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Head Coach Joye Lee-NcNelis
Opening Statement...
"First off, what a hell of a basketball game. So many people that are watching this via television and listening to this via radio are seeing what Conference USA basketball is all about. I think it was a tremendous basketball game and I think both teams played extremely well. Both teams played with a lot of heart and soul. Like I said yesterday, what it boils down to are the little bitty things that make a difference. When we played them before Chrishauna (Parker) totally dominated the glass. She had 16 rebounds against us. She's one of the best guard rebounders in the country. We came in with a mission to keep her off the glass and I felt this team did a very good job. I think boxing out and getting rebounds is a major key. Last time we played them, we gave up 23 offensive boards. I think that the leadership of Jamierra (Faulkner) was phenomenal. They were changing defenses, making changes on us, and I felt like her and I really connected in being able to make the changes offensively. She orchestrated everything on that floor. We went to some of our sets that we don't run a whole lot; just to be able to get some opportunities to get to the rim. Jerontay (Clemons) is a defensive monster. When she starts clapping her hands and she is on the front of our zone and she's guarding the ball, look out, because she is going everywhere."

On free throws...
"I have asked them for one more percent of commitment. If they commit one more percent in the gym, then they will become better free throw shooters and they will become better shooters on the floor. So, all I ask for is that little bit of commitment, and tonight it was evident that they were committed."

On the zone defense...
"The last time we played them, we played man. I told my assistant Jordan (Dupuy) to not let us go man and to not let me look at you and say should we go man, because we do not need to go man. We could not guard them when they were running Thornton off screens, so we made that decision with our experience of the past year. We felt like it was more important to contest the shot, that way we did not have to box out."

Jamierra Faulkner
The first half you only had four points and a couple fouls, but you bounced back in the second half...
"I just had to change my focus, get my teammates involved, and get stops on defense."

Jerontay Clemons
Jerontay (Clemons), talk about your free throws...
"Coach always says in order to win; we have to make free throws, guard the ball, and box out. So, I have been working on my free throws."

Head Coach Keitha Adams
Opening Statement...
"We're disappointed; it's always tough to swallow a loss with the magnitude of what the price it. Our goal is to get to the NCAA Tournament by winning this to make sure you get in. The good news is, our team will get a chance to play again and I feel like we're tournament worthy. You got to give Southern Miss credit; they have a very good ball club. They have the ability to score and put up a lot of points and they've done that all year. Our offense went cold and you have to hit some shots and make some plays to beat a team like that. They have nothing to hang their down about, they've won a lot of games and they've made me very proud."

On trouble scoring inside...
"Southern Miss played behind in the post and we threw it there, but they squeezed in and got double teamed some. They didn't front us, so we weren't able to lob it in. They three ball didn't go down for us quite enough and there were some times we got the ball inside, but didn't convert. You have to shoot the ball better against a team like that in the last 10 minutes."

On Jamierra Faulkner...
"She has another speed that a lot of people don't have and she's extremely quick. I thought we did a good job when they were in the pick-and-roll situation. They got away from running the pick-a and-roll and gave it to her and told her to go - we didn't do a good job with that. She's a good player."

Kelli Willingham
On playing last game at the Don Haskins Center...
"Being on our home floor, it hurts going out with a loss on our home court. We fought and I wish we could change the ending."

Kayla Thornton
On being the all-time leading scorer...
"It feels good, but I wish we could've continued to be able to do what we do here."

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