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Post Game Quotes

March 14, 2013

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Head Coach Joye Lee-McNelis
Opening Statement...
"What a ball game. It was definitely a tale of two halves. I thought that in the first half we probably played the worst half of basketball that we've played all year. I thought we were out of sync. We played a little nervous. We were in a panic mode. The entire first half we never could get calm. We told them that `it was the worst half of basketball that we've ever played and we're only down 6. We'll be ok. Yo u have to believe that and you have to believe in each other. If we do the things that we know how to do we'll win in the second half of the ball game.' We watched a movie yesterday, Facing the Giants, and one of the things we talked about was building a `stone wall'. You build that `stone wall' and you fight for each other and are there for each other through it all. I thought this team did that in the second half. They had each other's back. There was a lot of communicating on the floor in the second half and you could see our total outlook become to tally different. Because of that we were able to be successful defensively, which in turn generated us some offense going the other direction."

On the defensive change in the second half...
"I thought we made a defensive change in the second half. We felt that we could be successful making some defensive changes. We tried it in the first half and they (Memphis) capitalized on it. So, we decided we would throw a different defense at them on and off throughout the second half. I think that zone defense we used in the second half created opportunities for us to score. What we told them was that `In that defense, if you can contest the shot and board the ball we can win', and I thought we did a great job of that in the second half. We contested the shot and gave opportunities. I think in that second half it was what created opportunities for Jerontay to be able to get to the rim and to finish in the open court. In the second half she was calm. Jamierra was able to get her the ball and she was able to make some attacks and was able to finish some easy shots. Jamierra hit those two shots right before the second half and gave us some momentum going into the second half, and I think that gave us some confidence to be able to go make changes that we had to make. I think you kind of have to give her that credit about giving us momentum going into the half."

Jamierra Faulkner
On the Lady Eagles fight in the second half... "There were times in the game that we would be down and all it would take would be for someone to say `stone wall'. Then everyone would be back on the same page. It started with our defense. It was all about getting a stop and pushing it in transition."

Jerontay Clemons
On the difference between her play in the first and second halves...
"My teammates really helped me overcome. I was really frustrated at halftime because my shots weren't falling, but they pushed me and helped me overcome."

Head Coach Melissa McFerrin
Opening Statement...
"We were ready for the ball game against Southern Miss. I felt like at halftime it was going to be a very good ball game, but Southern Miss did an outstanding job in the second half on taking onmissed shots and turning them into layups and uncontested shots. They were very good on the offensive glass, Jamierra Faulkner controlled the game and that was something that we talked about, but didn't quite get done in thesecond half."

On Faulkner's two points before the second half...
"Well I really thought that was the turning point of the game. I thought we were fine at halftime, we felt good about it, we felt like our pressure kept her away from the basket, she had zero assists at halftime and that was our goal, but when they got on the defensive glass in the second half and got in transition, we couldn't make a play at the rim. I thought that's where the game turned. They went to a zone def ense and we were pretty cold from the zone."

On trouble against the zone...
"We've struggled against zones in the past. The last two or three teams that have chosen to play a zone I thought we have executed it (zone) incredibly well. I was a little surprised because of our last two or three games we executed very well and hit shots against zones, and thatwasn't the case this evening."

Summary of the whole season...
"Well we have been a team that has gone through many transitions over the course of the season; certainly starting with eight new players and five freshman, and a couple of early season injuries. As we got into the conference season I felt like we at least had a foundation from which tobuild, and as long as our three scorers, Nicole {Dickson}, Ariel {Hearn}, and Bilqis {Abdul-Qaadir}, put up decent numbers, then we felt like we had an opportunity to win every night. Our alkalis heel has been our inability to get stops when it really, really, really counts. Tonight it was compounded by the fact that we couldn't hit shots. Our team has grown and matured, and I am disappointed for Nicole Dickson, one of our two seniors, we certainly would have wanted her to leave the Conference USA Tournament with some wins under her belt. We were confident coming into the tournament, we felt like we had an opportunity to beat anybody in this league, but you have to play well in order to win in conference tournament play."

Nicole Dickson, Memphis
On how tough is it for you being the last couple of games and your shot hasn't been there and you not being able to score like you normally do: "It is frustrating and it's hard. I went 5-23 and I lost, it's hard."

Ariel Hearn, Memphis
On what you feel is difficult on scoring against that zone...
"Like Melissa said, we've struggled early in the season versus zone. Our leading scorer didn't have her best night and I think defense backs that up when our leading scorer struggles and we failed to play defense."

On the second half what made it so hard to contain Jerontay Clemons...
"She gets the outlet and she goes full steam ahead. She is pretty fast, so it is pretty tough to contain her."

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