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Post-Spring Football Q&A with Brandon Francesconi

The senior from California looks to make a big contribution in his final season.

July 26, 2012

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - As the regular season draws closer, Southern Miss Athletics will present a weekly question and answer session with a Golden Eagle football player.

In the series' fourth installment, we sit down with Golden Eagle linebacker Brandon Francesconi. The Burlingame, Calif., native spent time at the bandit position last season where he tallied 18 total tackles with 1.5 for loss. As a senior, he will look to compliment the defensive line and contribute at a higher rate.

What have you learned from Coach Ellis Johnson?
I'd have to definitely say hard work. Coach Fedora was a 'hard work' type of person, and that carried over well into Coach Johnson's playing style. The big thing Coach always tells us is to give 100 percent every day, and we really try our best to do that.

What has been one of the highlights of your football career?
Getting accepted to Southern Miss was a very big highlight for me, especially since I played junior college football before coming here. Coming here from California to Hattiesburg was also a step up for me and a very life changing experience being able to play Division I football.

What is one of your favorite things about football?
I used to play flag football as a child, but then when I got into high school I used to watch the games and think to myself "I want to be there some day." Family is also a very large aspect of my life, and coming to Southern Miss is no different. We're very family oriented as a team, and it's something that carries over into football as well.

Whom do you look up to as a mentor?
My high school coach was someone who really helped me through my first football career, but overall, my dad has been my mentor from the beginning. He is the guy that has always pushed me to be the best, and if it wasn't the best, it wasn't acceptable. If I was giving it my all, it made him happy, and I like to do that for him.

In your childhood, what were some of your favorite memories?
Playing football in the backyard was something that has always been one of my fondest memories, and something that I look back on. We always used to start a game and play with no pads on and just have fun.

Who's your favorite player?
Of all time, my favorite player is (San Francisco 49er's linebacker) Patrick Willis. He has that little swag to him where no one wants to mess with him.

If you could tell fans one thing, what would it be?
We're working really hard for a successful season, and for us, fan support means everything. When we have a lot of people out there in the stands cheering us on, it makes us want to push to the limit, and work even harder.

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