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Southern Miss Spring Practice Report: End of Third Week

April 14, 2017

HATTIESBURG, Miss. -- Three weeks down, one more to go for the Southern Miss football team, and the Golden Eagles made sure to get the most of it before taking the holiday weekend off with one final scrimmage before the Black and Gold Game (April 22).

Head Coach Jay Hopson

On today’s scrimmage:
“I thought this was the opposite of last week. I felt like last week, offensively, we owned the day, but defense owned the day today. I thought we tackled well, played well up front and had some good plays on the back end, so that was good to see. Again, it’s kind of back of forward. Good play by the defense this week and good scrimmage by the offense last Saturday.”

On if there was something different about today’s scrimmage:
“I think we came out and [the defense] just got the better of spring, like a ping-pong match, back and forward. The Nasty Bunch had a good day and last week the Black Attack had a good day, so we’ll keep battling. The Black and Gold game should be fun to watch.”

On the safeties performance today:
“They did well. Tarvarius [Moore] played extremely well and had some nice big tackles. I thought we fit well. I was pleased.”

On the depth developing this spring:
“We’re definitely getting a lot of guys a lot of reps and that’s big. We basically played a game today and a lot of guys got reps.”

On Isaiah Jones:
“He’s had a great spring. I’ve been very pleased with him, so we’ve got to keep going and keep doing what he’s doing. He’s worked hard in the offseason and it’s paying off. He’s been very productive and that’s been great for us.“

Defensive back Tarvarius Moore

On how he views his spring so far
"It's going fairly well. Just trying to get better every day and trying to get better as a DB unit and at defense as a whole."

On any shifts in the defense
"I'm used to it. It's the same scheme I've been in with any defense, just a bigger responsibility and role. I just take the challenge and go with it."

On the team's playing style
"We just play relentless. that's how everyone on the defense plays. We just try to run to the ball and also do our assignment at the same time."

Defensive coordinator Tony Pecoraro

On the defense's performance for the day
"The offense had a nice showing last time, and the spring just goes back and forth. They competed hard today and made some plays. They made a fourth-down stop, but they competed and that's what matters."

On who has stepped up the most in the secondary
Tarvarius Moore has had a real good spring. Demetrius Market had a good spring as well moving from corner to safety and has done a good job making tackles. I've been pleased with that. Jomez Applewhite has done a good job moving from corner to safety as well. He's a senior who's been here before and we are expecting big things out of the group right now."

On if he is satisfied with the progress
For the most part, yes. But I'd say there's a lot of room to go. I'd like to see more consistency, but there's not reason we can't do that every day. I just though they played hard today.

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