Post Game Quotes

Nov. 30, 2013

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Head Coach Todd Monken
Opening statement...
"Our players, our coaches, and the way they went about it and practiced every week, it's hard to not do what we did and celebrate in the locker room. It feels great for our seniors, and a guy like Dylan Reda who's been here two years and hasn't won a game, and came here for the winning tradition."

On the performance of Nick Mullens...
"He's a good football player. When we do the right things and catch the ball, and when we protect, he's got a chance to be pretty good."

On changing up schemes as the game progressed...
"We had to change some things up. They were determined to load the box and force us to throw and cover our guys. We went to some things we thought we had to do to run the football to give us a chance."

On the atmosphere of the locker room following the win...
"It's special. It's why you do it. I don't even know what else to say. At times you forget why you work so hard, and it's for that feeling. It was nice to be able to have that happen so our guys could remember that feeling."

On how much the win will change the offseason...
"I can't even put into words; for our players to feel that, and for our staff. I always thought that if we somehow played our best, we'd always give ourselves a chance, and we just hadn't done that. We just hadn't found a way to not turn it over, to be on the right people, to work to get open, to stop people when you have a chance to stop them."

Nick Mullens
On the desire to compete back in his home territory...
"I was tremendously excited. It's a great opportunity and a great experience. It couldn't have worked out any better. I just prepared and it was a great victory and a great way to end the season."

On the scene in the locker room following the win...
"Coach told us all year it's going to come eventually; it's just a matter of time and hard work, and tasting the greatness of victory. That's what it is right now; the guys are excited, super excited for all the seniors who definitely earn it. We've put in the work and been a family all season, and it finally came together."

On winning a game in his hometown in front of his family and friends...
"It was incredible. Our hotel was five minutes from my house so it's a really cool feeling, a great way to come back, and I'm glad I had a great experience out here. To play well in front of my family and hometown is a tremendous feeling."

On leading the team...
"The streak was a real burden on us. The whole Southern Miss family hung with us, and our team stuck together and worked hard through the year and it finally paid off. For the Southern Miss fans it's great, and we've got a bright future and we put it together today."

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