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Post Game Quotes

Nov. 12, 2011

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Southern Miss Head Coach Larry Fedora
Opening Statement...
"(The game) was obviously wild. We tried to give it away in a lot of difference ways. We tell these guys all the time that a great football team finds a way to win, and that's what happened tonight. We obviously didn't play a great game, but we did what it took to win a football game. So, I'm proud of the way (the team) played."

On the final two-point conversion...
"They were in a bunch set. They motioned to the bunch which our guys were prepared for. They were all exactly where they were supposed to be. Obviously, our defensive staff did an excellent job of preparing our guys in that situation.

"I actually didn't watch the play. I looked up, saw they were in a bunch, and looked down. I knew that the crowd would let me know."

On Danny Hrapmann...
"Danny's been that way for us all year. He makes plays. He does what we need him to do. He was five-for-five on field goals and he made two or three tackles on kickoffs. But Danny's been great for us all year. That's what's great about this football team. They don't care if you're the kicker, the punter or the long snapper; you're just one of the guys."

On UCF's defense...
"We knew they were going to be good. They were really good on defense. They were No. 5 in the country coming in here, so we knew it was going to be a heck of a challenge. We obviously didn't play the game that we wanted. We kept shooting ourselves in the foot with all of the penalties. But, again, we found a way to win."

On the chance to clinch the East Division next week...
"That's been our goal all year, to win the East. We're close. The guys can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We're in the fourth quarter of our season and they understand that. They know how important each (game) is. The great thing about being in this situation is that you make the next game the biggest game of the year. And that's where we are right now."

PK, Danny Hrapmann, Sr.
On tying his school-record five field goal against the Knights...
"This week I had a notion that I would be kicking a lot because their defense is so stout. I just prepared myself like I would any other week, assuming that whenever I went out there it was going to be an important kick."

On a big tackle on a kickoff that kept UCF from a long return...
"I had a really bad kickoff night as I was all over the place. I wasn't very consistent from what I usually am. On that kick, I didn't hit it in the right spot and their returners all night were finding space all night. I remember him bouncing it out and I know I don't have very good tackling skills one-on-one. Once he got by me, I was kind of glad because it gave me a chance to pull the trigger and I remember it is either now or he is gone."

DL Cordarro Law, Sr.
On the team's effort...
"It was a great team win for us tonight. We pulled together in the end and we just wanted to get a win tonight."

On everyone looking toward the defense to make a big play...
"It was on the defense to make the big play and seal the game at the end. We made it on the last play but one we should have made it earlier in the series. They went for the win, but we stepped up made a play when we needed."

WR Chris Briggs, Fr.
On his touchdown reception...
"Early in the game, coach had called a fade ball and I was unsuccessful with catching it and scoring. He told me at halftime that we were going to came back right to it. I said 'yes, sir, if you give me another opportunity I will make it count.' So we came back to it and tried to give (the defender) a good look off the line and A.D. put the ball up right where I needed it and just made the catch and made a big play to help the team."

QB Austin Davis, Sr.
On the game's final play... "It felt like the (2010) UAB game all over again. It was a game we really could have put away and they were three-yards away from sneaking out with a win. Credit our defense and my hat is off to their defense. They are a tough defense - every single year. They are very sound. They do not give you any plays. They make you earn every inch. We had a dogfight and I am just glad that we came out on top." On having trouble converting on 3rd Downs: "Central Florida did a really good job and we didn't execute on a couple of plays that we can make that we need to make in big games like this against a good defense. Tonight we made just enough to win but we made a few too less which made the game too close. It was a crazy game and I am glad we were able to pull it out."

UCF Head Coach George O'Leary
On going for the two-point conversion at the end...
"Well, we came in to win the game and I thought that was our best chance to win it, to go for two. (Quarterback Blake Bortles) threw the ball a yard short. As I told the players, I'm proud of the effort and what they did coming back today. I thought they played with a great attitude. The execution could've been better but it was a hell of a college football game. Someone has to win and someone has to lose. As I told the players when we huddled up at the two-minute mark, I said, 'If we score, we're going for two points fellas.' Everyone was screaming and yelling. They were all for it. We just came up short." "It's a tough loss. We're 4-6 with two games left to get bowl eligible. We've just got to grow from this game and continue to do the things we're doing well."

On the play of Blake Bortles...
"I think he did a great job. There were other kids who played with a great attitude. They went out and made plays when they had to make them. Southern Miss is a good football team. I thought they went out and played - it's a tough environment that they played in. I was proud of them. You're never proud of a loss but I was proud of the way they went out and attacked the game and gave us a chance to win."

On forcing Southern Miss to kick field goals...
"I thought we did a great job of stopping them when they got down there. It was a complete game. Defensively, we made some mistakes but I thought they stood up and made some plays that we had to have. We went from them."

On having any distractions during the week...
(Speaking to a reporter) "You were at the game. What did you think?" "We had made the decision two minutes before that if we score we're going for it. We came to win the game. I thought that gave us the best opportunity to win. But, we came up short. I was pleased with the kids' attitudes and their drive. There were distractions during the week but kids don't get involved in that. I thought they came out prepared to play this game. We'll learn from it and grow from it. We've got two games coming up that we have to go out and win."

Running back Latavius Murray
On his fourth quarter kickoff return...
"They tried to sky it up to our side and I just made a play. It was a big play for us. It got the guys going."

On the call to go for two...
"I loved the call. We had momentum at the time. We had a great drive and punched it in for the touchdown. We just didn't finish it off. I was happy with the call. I was excited."

Linebacker Josh Linam
On the turnover in the fourth quarter...
"As a defense, we kept saying we had to come together and get a stop. We had a great attitude the whole game and stuck together."

On the call to go for two at the end...
"I loved it. We came here to win a game and we had a chance to. We came up real short."

Defensive lineman Victory Gray
On the turnover in the fourth quarter...
"It was a great play. I couldn't be any more proud of the guys the way they played on that drive and the entire game, offense and defense."

On the play of the defense in the redzone...
"There were a couple plays that we missed. After we gave up that first touchdown, we kind of just settled down and just ran our defense. That's why we're the top in the conference. You have to just settle down and run your defense. You can't let them run it for you."

On his multiple pass breakup night...
"I was trying to read the quarterback's eyes on certain plays and put my hands up. That's what you're taught to do - put your hands up. I was in the right place at the right time."

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