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Quotes: Southern Miss vs. UAB

Oct. 28, 2017

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Southern Miss Coach Jay Hopson

Opening statement:

“Tough loss. We didn’t play well. Put that on me. Disappointing loss. Give UAB credit, they did a great job coaching and playing and deserved to win.”


On the biggest factor of the game:

“We struggled in the second half. It was evident. Anytime you score zero points in a half and throw a pick-six, it is not a good day at the office, for sure. We just have to get better the next day. That’s what football is all about. Just didn’t do a whole lot in the second half at all.”


On bringing in Kwadra Griggs at quarterback during the fourth quarter:

“That’s what you are trying to get, as well as have him to knock off a little rust. He competed hard and had a nice throw there to Tim Jones at the end. I’ll take on this one. At the end of the day, you just have to get better.”


On any positives from the night:

There were some good plays there, but at the end of the day the offense didn’t play well. That’s evident. I thought that’s something we just have to be better at, and that’s part of the journey. Go to work, and some days you have those in football, just like in life. You gotta get over it and move on, and that’s what we have to do now.”


On how UAB executed offensively:

“Their quarterback got out of a lot of pressure. He’s a gamer and he made plays. Kept some plays alive. Again, a couple of times we didn’t wrap him up, but give them credit. We have to get ready to go and have a better week of practice. UAB won the game and deserved to win. They made plays, and we didn’t. That’s just football.”


On if UAB did anything unique to stop the Southern Miss run game:

“Not really. That’s something we’ll look more at in film. They’ve done what they done. We just didn’t run or throw the ball very well and struggled offensively.”


On the defensive effort:

“It’s a team game, and defensively we have to get better too. Wrap up tackles and end some drives. We had opportunities on third down to end some drives.”



Senior WR Allenzae Staggers

On the struggle on offense:

"We came at it too slow. We have to keep executing." 


On the impact of UAB's defensive run game:

"It impacted us a lot, because we weren't able to balance the offense out. They knew we were going to throw the ball. They packed the box on us. It's something we have to work on this week."


On emotions after the game:

"I was disappointed because we're a better team than that."


On what changed tonight opposed to past offensive efficiency: 

"We came out a little sluggish and we took them for granted."


On coach's message after the game:

"Keep fighting. Execute. We have a pretty good ball team coming up and we have to fight through it." 


Senior Defensive Lineman Xavier Thigpen

On frustration of UAB third down conversions:

"Yeah. A couple of times we got back there, but we just need to make sure we finish the play and get the quarterback on the ground and help our DBs out."


On whether the team was flat or not:

"No, we had great energy. We just have to execute on the play calls. Great play calling, we just have to execute on it."


On how UAB's QB held up during the game after hits:

"Well the licks he took were great impacts, but the times we missed and let him scramble out the pocket... I'm pretty sure if we got him on the ground then, it would've been taxing on his body." 


On emotions after the game:

"Just gave up a game we weren't supposed to lose. Hands down, we just have to execute better. It's obvious we just lost a game we weren't supposed to lose."


On how the team responds:

"Let it hurt tonight and wake up tomorrow knowing we have a tough opponent this weekend. Come to practice Monday ready to roll and put this one behind us." 

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