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Post Game Quotes

Oct. 20, 2012

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Head Coach Ellis Johnson
Opening Statement...
"I'm surprised, disappointed and we're back to point zero. We're going to have to start all over and find out who wants to play ball. Obviously they weren't well prepared from a football standpoint and that's my fault. We've got a situation where some guys will have to decide whether or not they want to play football. There's no way we could perform in some of the areas that we did the way we did. I just felt like when some guys, when they really got challenged, some guys backed off. It's my job to figure out why, but right now, I have no answer for it. Is it confidence? Is it mental toughness? Is it character? Is it commitment? We'll have to find out. There's a lot of things from an X's and O's standpoint, plans, play calls and all those types of things that certainly a football coach has to look at, but we've also got to look at whether or not we really played as hard as we could play."

On the response of the team during the game...
"There comes a time when you get challenged in a ball game and you have to step it up. I never saw it. You have to respond. Marshall's a good football team. They've played a tough schedule just like we have. I think they are very underrated. We thought they were a good team coming in. I just did not see the same performance tonight. We got challenged at UCF, had some tough situations and responded the right way. Frankly, there were times tonight where we didn't do that."

On Marshall's defense...
"I thought they came in very underrated. Their numbers might not have been good, but sometimes when you play that fast style of offense, you're back out there a lot on defense. Numbers can be misleading. From my standpoint, they played fast. They played physical. They made plays. We had some things that we didn't do well, from coaching to play calling to executing to player's performances on reads. There was a lot of football in it, but the thing that is the most disappointing to me is that there was a point in that game where our players, I think, just lost their confidence that they could get it done."

"There's no one particular time that I can point to. I just felt like when it really got tough, the confidence was not there. I don't know what it is, whether it was something they felt like they couldn't do, waiting for somebody else to do it, I don't know. I didn't see that same response that we've seen the last couple of games."

On the consecutive win streak coming to an end...
"I don't know if that's what has been motivating (the players). You would have to ask them. They were part of three of them, two of them, one of them. Some of (the players) weren't a part of any of them. This right now is not about streaks and those types of things. This is about a football team that is not performing well. As coaches, we've got to figure out what we can do to help them. We just didn't play physical. We didn't play with confidence. We didn't play fast at times which means you're not sure of what you're doing. If you watched the game, I think it's obvious where there were a lot of things where our players didn't perform well from an execution standpoint, from a physical standpoint, from a lot of things. Right now though, that's not what this team needs to be worried about. With no chance for a winning season, no chance for a bowl game, what we have to do is improve and finish out the season the best we can with individual and team performances and turn something in the right direction."

On the turnaround in the attitude...
"There may be some things where you could say (it was not a good match up), but it's just hard for me to get into all the technical details when it's so decisive. I didn't think we played well in any phase of the ball game tonight other than in little spots. We got started so slow on offense and they had so much energy. Even when they couldn't put the points on the board, they were moving to ball at will. I just thought their execution looked so much sharper than ours. Frankly, I thought they were playing more physical than they were and that really surprised me because our guys had stepped up a bit here lately."

On the speed of the Marshall offense...
"We worked on it and created situations for it on the practice field this week. We worked it up and down the field, twenty-something plays a day, just so the players were ready. It wasn't a matter of what to do or the system. It was a matter of guys just not getting up in there when the play is dead, get their eyes over there, get lined up with discipline and play. We have to, as coaches, take responsibility for it, but there's an element of accountability when you're the player on the field, at some point in time, there's an accountability issue that's got to be accepted too. I don't know what we would change about the system or anything else we're doing. We just didn't get it done."

Marshall Head Coach Doc Holliday
Opening Statement...
"Thanks, it's a great win. It was a great team out there. It was the first time we played a full team effort. I thought special teams were tremendous. I thought defense played their tails off and the offense, with the exception of one time, moved the ball well."

Your kicker missed a field goal and you come back and give the young man confidence and he nails a career long...
"Oh, no question. He's a good kid. He's extremely mentally tough, and I get a little bit nervous because he made about every tackle on kickoff out there so I told Rick we'd put him at linebacker. But he's a mentally tough kid and that was a tough angle on that first one but he's got to make those."

You've been wanting take-a-ways and you get some tonight...
"We got a critical one down there on the one when they were about to score down there and gave the ball right back to us and we had the other one on the fumble there."

Offensive explosion again tonight...
"Well those three young running backs can go. I thought we played extremely well I thought our receivers played really well. It was just overall a fun game to watch when the three phases came together and played extremely well. And then to go on the road to get a conference win like that against that team that just about put Central Florida into overtime a week ago was critical."

Southern Miss Players
Austin Quattrochi
On the frustration of the season...
"This is something that if you would have asked me that same question in August I would have said that you were crazy. I did not see it coming. It is what it is now. There is nothing we can do to change the past, except take steps forward from here to do the best we can."

On what's ahead this season...
"With me being a senior it is tough. It is a tough pill to swallow for me. This is going on my fifth year here and the only thing we can do is move forward, because we are as low as low right now. The only thing we can do is try to climb out of this hole the best we can, make adjustments where we need to and get Southern Miss back to where it has been. I fell like that is what we should do."

On the end of the 18-year winning season streak...
"Very (tough). That is something that we as a team have prided ourselves on for as long as I have been here. We kind of look like it that we were 0-6 and we can still go to a bowl. You come here knowing that this is what we are going to do. I don't believe that we are a 0-7 team and I don't think this is deserving of our team. We have a lot of good people and a very talented team still sitting in that locker room."

On the locker room morale...
"You can probably guess it. It is down right now, but I feel like we are going to come back in tomorrow and watch film to see that we made some mistakes but there will also be some things we did well."

Jalen Richard
On the game tonight...
"I feel exactly how Coach Johnson felt and this is that they came out and slapped us in the mouth and we didn't respond."

On the locker room morale...
"Coming off a good fight last week, we felt like we could up the level of intensity this week. But it feels like we went backwards (tonight). We are still in good spirits. Winning is the only thing that is on everyone's mind right now. They don't care about the stats or how pretty they are but we are just trying to get a 'W.' "

Marshall Players
Brandon Sparrow
On their ability to contain USM's Anthony Alford...
"That's what we were worried about him getting outside, we watched films, we were worried about keeping him inside."

On building momentum going forward...
"This builds tons of momentum. Now we have to start a winning streak."

Antavious Wilson
On his performance tonight as a senior...
"I have a couple more games and I need to do the best I can do for this team"

On remembering playing in Hattiesburg two years ago...
"That was on our minds when we came here. We needed to come out here on their homecoming and win."

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