Post Game Quotes

Oct. 19, 2013

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Head Coach Todd Monken
Opening statement...
"Ruffin McNeill and his staff have done a great job of putting together a really good football team. They have a great staff and that showed today. They were obviously the better football team today and they beat us in all three phases. We obviously didn't play well enough offensively early in the game. They are going to make plays. Offensively they are very good and we didn't help ourselves early to take that pressure off our defense that is banged up. Then at the end we didn't help ourselves out with punting the football and covering. Then turnovers that kept giving them short fields and they are going to score on their own. That is what you get when you get beat in three phases. When you play a really good team you're going to get beat pretty bad."

On ECU's defensive performance...
"I thought they would be good. Do I think we hurt ourselves by not being able to stay in the game from a run/pass standpoint to help ourselves? We are not good enough in any one area, coaches and players, to where we can't be balanced. They were obviously better; I hate to say that because that would say that I wouldn't be giving them credit about what they are as a defensive unit. I wouldn't have expected that through three quarters and we would have about 100 yards of total offense. I don't care who we play. They do a nice job. We obviously didn't execute and we didn't do as good a job to keep ourselves in the game."

On struggles and lack of balance on the offensive side of the ball...
"I'm not so sure that the lack of balance is the reason, they have something to do with that. When you have 107 yards through three quarters there is a lack of a lot. I don't know if balance is the word. Lack of execution? Obviously what we thought going into the game from a game plan standpoint without seeing the film is something we have to evaluate and there are things we could have controlled on the field with our players. It's all the same. It's not that simple to just say one or the other because we just weren't good enough."

Head Coach Ruffin McNeill
Opening Statement...
"I thought we had a great week of preparation. It was a tough road stretch we were on and it was great to get back home in front of our fans. We had a great group of fans that showed up today. I thought the kids executed well, offensively, defensively, and on special teams. It was one of the best performances of all three sides playing together as one. It was what we'd been aiming for. The offense was feeding off the defense and the defense was feeding off the offense, and special teams holding the glue together. I was very proud of our focus and being able to stay focused it in two halves. We got a lot of kids into play late in the half. Everybody was talking about the shutout, I'm not worried about the shutout. That's got nothing to do with it. It's about getting kids reps and winning the football game and I was very proud of them."

On special tams...
"They've been playing well all year. (Special Teams Coordinator) Kirk (Doll) has done a great job and has been a great addition to our staff. He does a great job coaching as do (coaches) John Wiley, Duane Price, Dave Nichol and Donnie Kirkpatrick. They did a great job and I'm proud of them."

On DaQuan Barnes seeing action in the game...
"I tell you, DaQuan is a good player. DaQuan's got speed; he's one of the fastest kids on our team. He's practiced well, he's earned his reps, and he took advantage of it."

On Breon Allen's success in the contest...
"Breon is a good football player. He was hurt during camp, but it's good to see him around and have some positives. He was very active today, I thought. He made a lot of positive plays for us."

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