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Post Game Quotes

Oct. 1, 2011

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Southern Miss Head Coach Larry Fedora
Opening Statement...
"It was just a great conference win at home. It was a great win by the entire team in all three phases. All three phases created some adversity at times for us. But the guys never blinked. They just kept fighting and kept playing hard. Going into the game, I felt like we were going to have to play harder and longer than (Rice) did. I thought the crowd was huge for us. The blackout was awesome and the fans were great. That was a great atmosphere tonight."

On the team's mood after Rice took the lead...
"Everybody on the sideline just went 'Let's go. Let's make a play.'" I don't know if they ever doubted it or not. We gave them a 96-yard touchdown. If you don't have something in your chest, some fiber that you're made of, you could lay down after that. But not these guys. They may not win it, but they are going to play hard and not let it bother them."

On overcoming the adversity tonight...
"I just think it says a lot about our team. Defensively, I thought we played really well. Obviously, you don't want to turn the ball over like we did. So we have to do much better in those areas. But it's a win. We've got a lot to work on and we've got to get ready for Navy."

On the defense...
"Those guys have a lot of confidence. You see how many hits they're getting on the quarterback with a four and five man rush. They're doing a heck of a job changing it up and creating problems for the quarterback and that's causing turnovers. Early on, I didn't think we were tackling well. I thought we were just trying to knock guys off their feet instead of wrapping them up. But they came through in the second half and really started playing well."

On Korey Williams being out...
"Obviously, with Korey not being in there, you lose a lot of experience, a lot of reps. But I never doubted (Jeremy Snowden) and (Alan) Howze would go in there and play well. They are outstanding athletes. Korey will tell you that they are both better athletes than him. They just don't have the experience yet. But, that's his role now. He's giving them the experience. He's coaching them. He's helping them the entire game. So they'll learn a lot from him."

On the defense creating turnovers...
"You guys can see it better than I do, but there's some hitting going on out there. (The defense) is putting some licks on guys and they are separating them from the ball. It's the confidence that those guys have. It's the belief that they have in Coach Disch's system, and they're having fun playing the game."

Rice Head Coach David Bailiff
On the third quarter...
"In the third quarter, we had eight plays. I believe they had 36. We had a turnover. You can't come into "The Rock" at Southern Miss and have a bad quarter like we did there. We were in this football game but the third quarter put us out of it. They scored 21 points. Once again, when you only run eight plays and run high tempo, we can't have those turnovers to give them a short field to score."

On his team possibly beating themselves with penalties...
"That's part of being disciplined. We have to be a more disciplined football team. Number one part of being disciplined is eliminating errors. Let me say this - everything about this program begins and ends with me. I have to do a better job with these young men of making them more disciplined. You have to eliminate stupid penalties. Part of discipline too is not giving up the turnovers. We're a pretty good football team. We have to play like we are. We have to make more plays. We just have to take care of the football better. We were down on the four-yard line, I think it was, and turn it over and they go 96 the other way. You don't beat a Southern Miss making mistakes like we did."

On a potential slow start by the Owls' offense...
"You know coming in here that you're going to have survive a storm. You know that. You know that when you come on the road here, there's going to be a frenzy. You're going to have to match it. You've got to survive it one play at a time. You have to continue to make plays. That's how you survive it."

Wide Receiver Vance McDonald (88)
On the performance of the offense...
"Well, I don't really...first of all, we didn't have very good efficiency in the first half. We have to do a better job of that because possessions are important. We had a lot of misreads early. We have to eliminate that. That's us. That's on us. We knew Southern Miss was going to be good on defense coming into it. Sure, yea, they did a lot of good things but there are some things that they aren't going to stop every time."

Safety Xavier Webb (14)
On the performance of the defense...
"They throw the flea flicker and tricked us, but I thought the defense was playing well after that. We got down 13-0 and make a couple of turnovers and it looked like we were about to go into the half up. But, we made a mistake and it was just a big swing of momentum and they just kept building off it. We just couldn't come back from it."

Southern Miss Player Quotes
Cordarro Law
On Holding Rice on Offense...
"Of course we want to pick each other up as a team. The offense turned the ball over on the first possession of the second half and a lot of teams would have put their heads down. But we have been through a lot of adversity and fought back."

On teammate Korey Williams...
"We lost Korey and that is a big hole for our defense, but (Jeremy) Snowden played well and Ronnie (Thornton) stepped up. Guys just stepped up. Korey is still doing what he does and that is watching film and letting the other guys know what is going on."

On Hitting Hard on Defense...
"The first play of the game Jamie (Collins) picked a guy up and threw him to the ground. A big play like that is going to set the tone all night."

Ronnie Thornton
On Picking up for Korey Williams...
"We have a relationship on and off the field and it has been hard trying to replace him (on the field). You have to give credit to Snowden who really stepped. He really hasn't had too many snaps as a starter. I want to applaud him for that."

On the Ability of Creating Turnovers and Plays for Losses...
"I like to saw we are playing with a different attitude this year. We have formed a brotherhood this year and everyone is buying into our new defensive coordinator's scheme."

On Turning Turnovers into Points...
"Early on the offense was kind of shaky, but we grouped together and encouraged those guys and capitalized on turnovers."

Austin Davis, Quarterback
On the Game...
It was kind of a weird game, but we never quit fighting and we never quit playing hard. For our offense, when we needed it, we drove the ball down the field. A huge credit goes to our offensive line. We were able to run the ball and really control the tempo in the second half. It was a huge game for them (the offensive line) and I am really proud of those guys."

On Using the Running Back Depth...
"Running backs going down are part of football. You just know that going into every season. You are going to have to your two, your three and possibly your No. 4 deep and they are just going to take a beating, especially as much as we want to run the football. I thought Jeremy Hester stepped up and came in and did a nice job."

On the Offense's Tempo...
"I felt we were in a good offensive rhythm all night. We were moving the ball. We kind of stalled out a couple of times when we crossed the 50. Offensively, I felt good about what we were doing and how we were moving the ball. We just had a couple of turnovers that stopped drives. When we needed to move the ball and get it into the end zone we were able to do that."

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