Post Game Quotes

Sept. 30, 2012

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Southern Miss Head Coach Ellis Johnson
Opening Statement...
"Certainly, I'm not disappointed with the effort and the fight we had and all the things we did to give us a chance to win the ball game. I'm just really disappointed for our players. You can point to any one of four, five, six, seven little plays that didn't go our way and it would have made the difference in the ball game and it just didn't happen."

On his feelings after a close loss to a ranked opponent...
"Obviously, I was pleased with the effort and we did so many more things consistently. Handling the elements was one thing and I thought they did a reasonably decent job too. In the end, maybe they handled it a little bit better than we did. I thought we were handling the elements a little bit better early, ball handling and putting up with the elements. That was obviously the biggest factor in this game. Both teams had a chance to win it. They were able to make some plays that we weren't toward the end. We made some crucial mistakes but they did too. They put the ball on the ground one time and we scooped it up and ran it. There were breaks for both teams. Whether it was a ranked team or not, they are a really good football team. They were 4-0 coming in. I think our players, hopefully, can gain something from this from a standpoint of confidence in knowing that we can play against good football teams and have a chance to win it. Now, we've got to learn how to close it out. It was a much better performance in a lot of areas that we've had this year, even the ECU game. We did some things against them that we didn't do tonight. We improved in a lot of ways."

On the intensity level of the team...
"I thought we controlled the line of scrimmage for the first 30 minutes and that Louisville got it back for a portion of the third quarter. The fourth quarter, I thought was back and forth. We just couldn't convert a few critical third downs and of course the fourth down. That was the difference. They converted some third downs and we didn't. Both teams were obviously limited in the throwing game because of the elements and that has been a struggle for us. We handled the ball pretty well except for once or twice and took care of it in some tough situations."

On the final offensive call of the day...
"It's a fourth down with no more plays. You either make it or you don't so it's almost like a play to win the game. The reason we felt like it was good, they played man coverage on us the last three or four pass situations, third and longs, and when you've got man coverage, you have a chance for the one guy that's not covered to be the quarterback. They didn't pick him up until late. He just didn't get his feet set and get the ball thrown quite far enough and they were able to recover on it. They blitzed and I could not tell for sure whether it was a man blitz or a zone pressure, but they brought blitz and it could have been a big play for us if it had been executed cleanly but the main reason is because it would have been there against man coverage."

On Ricky Lloyd...
"He struggled a lot early with a lot of difference things, but let's face it, the conditions hampered everybody's throwing game. Missed some reads in the option, but I thought he really made some crucial plays, especially in the second half, and thought he did a good job even on our last drive with a chance to win it. I thought he made two or three good plays on that. He'll only get better and better with more practice."

On avoiding a negative mentality...
"Right now, this football team, we're looking at it on a daily basis, almost a minute to minute basis. We have things that have got to be improved. The record is obviously important, but right now just the performance of the football team is what we've got to focus us. We played a better football team today and we played better ourselves. I think that's something we can build on. The other thing is we've only played one conference game. We've had a very demanding and tough non-conference schedule that will make us better. If our players can handle, what I think was the embarrassment of playing two real poor games, and then handle the frustration of playing two close games and giving them away with little mistakes and things that we can fix; then, we can build on that and it's just going to make us better and stronger down the stretch. We still don't go into the conference schedule next week and we still have a lot to play for. Our players are resilient. We've had good practices after frustrating games, and we're certainly going to have to do it again this time."

On the potential of making any offensive scheme changes...
"Well, we're not going to try to wholesale a new offense. We've got to use the personnel we've got. Ricky only had five days of practice and he's only going to get better. There were a lot of things we never even got to that looked good in practice because of the conditions. We'll just have to keep grinding. I think we've got some young players that will certainly have to improve."

Louisville Head Coach Charlie Strong
Opening Statement...
"You know for us to come in and survive the conditions that we played under tonight, just speaks about our team, a resilient team. We talk to them about finding a way to win and we also talk to them about refusing to lose. You watched tonight the way we battled, we just refused to lose."

"We get the ball there in the second half and we score right before half. That was a big score for us to get us back going. We kicked a field goal to make it 17-15, then we drove the ball there in the 4th quarter and Jeremy drops it. But still defensively, we were able to get the big stops. Defensively when we play well, you see the whole team, and it sparks your whole football team. That's what we were able to do tonight. In the 4th quarter, they got a drive there right there in the end but we kept bringing pressure and we had to just find a way to go get stops and we did on defense."

On the difference defensively between the 1st half and the 2nd half...
"Well you look at us in the first half, we were missing tackles. It was almost like we were just running through tackles. We didn't do a good job with tackling in the first half."

On when he realized the weather was going to be a big factor...
"I thought it was going to be like last weekend it would rain and then it would stop. Then it looked like the second quarter it just picked up. And then teddy wasn't able to grip the ball and that's a part of our game, the throw game, so he wasn't able to make the throws and so it just turned into a run game on both sides of the ball, and we just knew that if we could just open up the holes and let our guys get outside with Senorise and Jeremy and then we would be able to survive this game."

Southern Miss Player Quotes
Deron Wilson
On whether this loss was tougher than the one the previous week...
"We feel like we progressed from last week. We played hard, we got turnovers this week so there are a lot of positive things to look back at when we look at this game...We could have made difference in some point in the game, but there are a lot positive things coming out from this game. We played very hard."

On the weather...
"It didn't really affect our play because both teams played in the weather. We really can't complain. It was wet for us just like it was wet for them." Biggest Difference in the Defense from last week to this week... "Having fun - we were jumping around, tapping hats that is always the main thing. That is to have fun out there. It is a game, so have fun playing the game that you love."

Ricky Lloyd
On his first start in the pouring rain...
"You go there and it was pouring and it kind of messed up our game plan and our whole scheme. I felt like we did great with what we were given - the conditions, the team we were playing - considering all of that we did a great job and I thought we came together tonight as a team. This game showed us what we are capable of, no matter what the conditions are of who the team is. We came together as a team tonight and that is one of the best things we could have asked for."

On what the veterans told him leading up to his first start...
"They were telling me to stay calm, stay collected and don't get too excited and don't over think anything. Just to do what I have being doing during practice."

Louisville Player Quotes
Brandon Dunn
Overall Statement...
"We had high energy on defense and we fixed our mistakes fast and we were just ready to go for the second half. We just knew that they were going to run the ball because of the weather, so we just locked down on the run. There wasn't a tactical adjustment - basically coach would tell us "he's not tackling right," so we'd fix our tackling."

"It's big to win this game and be undefeated. We could've folded under pressure because of the rain and we could've had a lot of distractions, but we had to buckle down and we've been preaching that this whole week. Some players got some bumps and bruises and a lot of them had to work on their technique a little bit. Me personally, I have to get some stuff together."

"There was no drying out at halftime. A lot of players were getting anemic because it was getting so cold from the rain. It was crazy, we were getting towels to dry off and cover ourselves to warm up in the locker room. The coaches were just telling us we have another 30 minutes and we were going to win the game. This is my first time experiencing this; I guess it's something to tell the kids."

Deiontrez Mount
Overall Statement...
"When we came in the second half all of us guys talked and we were more focused. We just couldn't come back to Louisville with a loss. It was a rainy day, but if you plan on winning then you have to tackle well. It was really difficult competing in that rain. Just trying to get off blocks your hands would slip down and a lot of factors played in that game, but we did a good job of overcoming those things."

"Definitely these were worse conditions compared to last week. When we came into halftime we just said that the weather was not changing and the rain's not letting up, so we just had to go out there and play in it. The big thing is that quarterback was sitting back there all day throwing, and you just have to put pressure in his face."

Calvin Pryor
Overall Statement...
"Those were the worst conditions I've ever played in, but it rained on both sides of the ball so you still have to be ready to play. There are no excuses. I think it was harder for the offense, because it's hard to get a grip on the ball. With defense, we already know where we're going and everything, but still we came out and we were ready to play."

"Anything could've happened out there in that rain. Like the Southern Miss punter missed it and fumbled the ball so that put us back into position. I saw there was a fumble, but I thought he was down, to be honest. But I just tried to make a play on the ball and it was slippery so it came out. "

"I wasn't concerned at all, we just had to make a few adjustments and it was raining so we didn't know if they were going to run the ball so we just loaded the box up and tried to make plays."

"Everyone was just paying attention to detail. We knew what they were going to try to do, so we were just calling out the plays and we just stopped them. That's what it came out to the first time. We missed a couple tackles and that gave them room to make plays. It was nothing they did, but it was just us not coming up on plays. We still haven't played our best ball yet, but we're 5-0 and we just have to keep moving on from this."

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