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Sept. 29, 2013

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Head Coach Todd Monken
On the first quarter...
"We obviously didn't play well enough in all three phases. Special teams wise, from the blocked field goals and the punt placements that gave them chances for returns, obviously at the end we dropped a punt and made a poor decision bringing the ball out one time. And then you compound that with the inability to score touchdowns when we had the chance. Really I thought we competed our rear ends off in the first half. Obviously their scores came off of nice quick plays where we were misaligned and one of them came off a blocked field goal which led to that. But in the second half when you don't move it, that's the tough part. And leaving our defense out there. It didn't matter, we replaced our guys."

On FIU...
"I don't worry about our losing streak. I don't worry about last year, this year is a different team. We need to find a way to win regardless of who we are playing. Because there was a number of things we did tonight that were irrespective of Boise. That's the thing that bothers me the most as a coach, I thought our effort was really good, but we need to do things better as a staff. And from the players standpoint, to give yourself a chance is playing good football. And that's something we can control and something we have been looking for moving forward. I thought in the first half there was a number of things we did well but not well enough."

On QB Allan Bridgford...
"He's a good player. Has he played flawless? No. We have to play better around him and play good football. And some of the mistakes he made, like the interception, was a poor decision. He gives us the best chance to win and he's only going to get better. He got here a week before\ training camp. Like I said, there are things in the first half that gave us a chance to at least keep ourselves in the ballgame."

Head Coach Chris Petersen
What was your reaction to that game?...
"Yeah, it was good. We seem to have these extreme games, nothing kind of just in between. It's either really tight or not tight on both sides. We are proud of the guys, they worked hard. It's not easy to come off a hard loss like that. They went right back to work, worked really hard. It took us a minute to get going on offense but once we did I think the guys got into a good rhythm."

It's been five weeks now and you get a bye. What do you learn about this team through five weeks and where's this team at?... "That's a good question. I know we're making progress, I think that. I think if we can get some guys back healthy we can take another step. We have a heck of a game coming up here in two weeks. Because I think we are so kind of young and inexperienced, I am still not exactly sure, but I do like them. They work hard, they go hard, they care about what they're doing and we are making strides."

Joe Southwick
What was that play where you handed it under Shane's legs?...
"It was a little wrinkle we wanted to do this week. It worked, so great. It was something we had in for this week and I'm just glad it worked."

You get the other touchdown off of the three offensive lineman, spread everybody wide. It looked like you just got the numbers mismatched on the right side?... "It's just another look that people don't practice a whole lot. I think it's good to carry a few of those each game and keep those in your back pocket. It was a good job and good execution."

As you mentioned, you have the bye week coming up and it's sort of been a topsy-turvy first five weeks. You have kind of a critical stretch aft er the bye week. Where are you guys at and what do you need to get done in the next couple of weeks?...
"I think October is going to be a big month for us, we have some big games coming up here in October. I think we are just going to keep doing what we're doing, sticking to our process, and practicing. cs bye week we have to practice and get better, we can't just be going through the motions. I know the coaching staff will make that clear and I think the players will listen, and we will get things done here in this bye week."

Geraldo Boldewijn
I know the coaches have been talking about those 50/50 balls and not having gotten them. What did that mean to you to get a big one like that for 50 yards?...
"I think it was big, you know. It gives the coaches a little more confidence in us receivers and it was just a good thing."

How much do you guys have on offense right now?...
"It's definitely a lot of fun, there's still a lot of stuff we have to improve on. It's just fun being able to correct some of our mistakes in the last game and show up and play better. We still got a lot to do, but it's always good to see some improvement."

Armand Nance
Other than having your backs to the wall on that turnover, defense shut them out. What are you thoughts on what you were able to do out there tonight?... "We had an emphasis on stopping the run and creating turnovers this week. I feel like we did a very good job against this offense."

As Coach Pete was saying, this is still a really young team. What does this do for you guys, particularly defensively to the confidence to go out and have a night like this?...
"Like you said we have a young team, so we are playing together a lot. It sets us up for a good future, I believe."

Darien Thompson
Coach Pete was saying you guys made some good adjustments to playing this style offense. What did you guys do diff erent, what did you see?...
"We just tightened up on our coverage basically. Last week we didn't perform just like we wanted to. We gave up too many points as a defense and overall we lost that game. There were a lot of things we had to correct, so we just went back to the film and studied those things, little technique things, and we were able to perform tonight."

When you guys come back, you're going to see Utah State and Nevada who are extremely good at this spread style offense. What does this defense need to do to get ready for the task at hand?...
"We know we have our hands full coming up which is a good thing, it's not always fun to play a game like tonight. We're going to be ready. We are going to get on the film, study, listen to coaches, and we are just going to try to perfect our craft."

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