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Post Game Quotes from the East Carolina Game

Sept. 15, 2007

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HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Southern Miss Head Coach Jeff Bower

Opening Comment: "We didn't play nearly as well the second half as we did the first half and I'm sure they had something to do with it. I saw some missed tackles. We got to have somebody down there. When we had to step up and play when the game was on the line we had to show some mental toughness. And I'm really proud of our players on both sides of the ball."

On Third Quarter for ECU: "We didn't block them well. They have a good defensive front. They had a good push on us all night long."

Big Win for First Conference Game: "Good teams are going to make a run. At 14-nothing at the half...we played well on both sides of the ball. I told them at half time all good football teams are going to make a run at you some time. You're going to have to make plays and run the ball."

On Game Plan at The End Of The Game: "We were trying to score and run the time off the clock. I had never done that as long as I've been coaching. I told them not to score but not to lose yards. Finally they got that number five back there on that kick-off return and we we're going to get as much time off that clock as we could. "We were going to run the first play...we were trying to score from then on."

On Damion Fletcher's Good Play: "We made some good plays. I would still like to look for some consistency. He's made some big time plays for us.

"I think we played a very good football game tonight. We played a really good team. They do some good things. It was a heck of a ball game...two teams playing really hard."

Shawn Nelson's One-handed Catch: "Heck of a play...the ball was thrown too high. He made a really good play again."

On Tory Harrison: "We've got to get his confidence back. He's a good player. He's got to learn to cover up the ball. He got hit really hard on the fumble. He's got to cover that ball up in traffic. I don't know what happen on the kickoff. I wasn't looking there. He's a good player. We've got to have him."

East Carolina Head Coach Skip Holtz

Opening Statement: "I kept saying if they get a field goal, at least it gives us the opportunity to block it or for them to miss it. The best we could do was just tie it, there are a lot of things that could happen, I wasn't about to quit on our defense."

Injuries: "Reynold's was a hamstring; he did it on the one long punt when he ran it down the field. They came out and cut us and in the first two plays and we lost Mark Robinson and Khalif Mitchell in the first two plays. We got Mark Robinson back in the second half, and Khalif tried to tape up and get up and go, but he just couldn't. I know they went out and got an x-ray, but all I know is he was out, I don't know the status at this point.

Patrick Pinkney holding everything down: "He did. He turned and made some really big plays, he got in the rhythm. He got back where he was running the offense a little bit. It was like we were out of whack in the first half, but when you have penalties and things like that, that's what happens to you. Then you're trying to make 15 yards. It's like going down there and missing a field goal. I don't know how many we have missed inside the 20 at this point, but we have missed enough for a lifetime. When Ben came off the field, he said that he just didn't feel like he was in rhythm. I told him to tell me what I have to do to get you in rhythm. I don't know why I need to ask you that question, I've never had that response; so that's how it was offensively, no consistency. "

"I thought that was probably big play was an understatement. [Fletcher] did a great job. He caught it, a couple of guys overran it, and missed a couple of tackles, and then he stuck it up inside. Fletcher is a tremendous back. He did a heck of a job running the ball. He runs hard, he runs physical, and he breaks tackles. I was really impressed with him; I think we can take some lessons on how he runs."

"I did not think our running game was very good and I don't think our running backs are making a lot happen. I don't think we are creating a lot of holes for them, but when we do, we are not making a lot of things happen on our own."

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