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Post Game Quotes

Sept. 4, 2011

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Southern Miss Head Coach Larry Fedora
Opening Statemen...
"That was a great win. I know what everybody's thinking, but I'd much rather be 1-0 than 0-1. We've got a lot of things to work on. We've got a lot of room for improvement. I've never been in a situation where you have a blocked field goal, you drop a punt on the one-yard line and you let a team return a kickoff for a touchdown and you still win the game. So I'll I can say is that it says something about the resolve of these players. I'm proud of their effort tonight. I want to say, there was never a time in the game where anybody was hanging their heads. There was never that look of despair."

On the defense...
"I thought the defense played extremely well the whole game. They had one play where they threw the ball over your head on a hitch and the guy cut all the way back across the field for 60 yards. Other than that, they were pretty dominant throughout the game."

On Corey Acosta...
"To be honest, I didn't even know that he was out there. It's probably better that I didn't know. But all he did was go out there and kick two in a row. I called timeout because we didn't have the personnel right. He nailed it and then came back and nailed the next one. It's says a lot about what that kid did tonight, too."

On Danny Hrapmann's 49-yard game-winning field goal...
"That situation is worked on over and over in camp, where the offense has to get the ball down and we have to get in field goal range to kick a field goal. And the same situation where the defense has to take the field and (the offense) has the ball and we need a stop. That's worked on over and over in practice. The guys execute. At the time that we needed to execute, they executed.

On the offense...
"It was like déjà vu from last year. We had plays that we could have made that could have broken open the game and we had guys that did not make those plays. It was very disappointing and discouraging the way the offense played. But, they did enough to win a football game."

On Tim Green and Deddrick Jones...
"They were just so excited and so thankful to be out there with their teammates. I saw Martez (Smith) when we were coming out from halftime. I didn't get a chance to talk to him but I saw him out there. It's great to see him. Those guys, they are very, very thankful to have a chance to play football again."

Louisiana Tech Head Coach Sonny Dykes
Opening Statement...
"They were a very good offensive football team. We played good on defense. I was really really proud of the way we played. Obviously we've got to get better on offense. We knew there would be some growing pains starting a young quarterback. We just got to be able to make some plays and we didn't. We did some things that weren't really smart. It's something we can build on. We told the team that."

On Louisiana Tech's game plan...
"We came into the game not really knowing what they were going to do defensively because they had a first-year defensive coordinator who was calling defenses for the first time. We watched a lot of Illinois film - that's where he came from - and they did a good job of mixing it up all night. They never really let us get comfortable. We had a hard time finding anything that we could go to consistently to get us some yardage. We battled hard. We had some breaks and had an opportunity to win the game and just came up short. We've got to be able to move the football every weekend."

"We felt like we were going to win the football game coming in. Our guys were confident and we felt like we were going to win. We played just an average game offensively and still had a chance to win."

On the offense...
"There were times when we ran the ball pretty well but there were times when we lost yards on first down. It's something that we've got to improve on. There were so many times where we were 2nd and 13 or 2nd and 14 and that's tough to overcome. We've got to cut down on the negative yards plays. There were times when we didn't fire on all cylinders offensively, and it was disappointing. We practiced really well and felt like we could some good things coming in and I think Southern Miss has something to do with that. They were tough to run the football against, and as I said, they did a good job of mixing things up."

On the defense...
"I thought we played really physical defensively. What was disappointing was we dropped a lot of balls. It was wet and all that but we had guys that probably dropped four or five balls. You have got to make those plays if you want to be a good football team."

On Quarterback Nick Isham...
"It was his first start. I thought he was composed. I think that was what was most impressive. You factor everything in, the fact that he's 17 years old, he's playing a good football team on the road in a rain storm. I don't think he ever got rattled, and I thought he was extremely composed. Early on, he made a couple mistakes, fumbling on the fourth down, but I was really pretty impressed with the way he played."

On Lyle Fitte's 81-yard kickoff return...
"The return was just a heck of a play. We made some blocks and Lyle hit it hard. He's a good returner. He's going to do that against a lot of people this year. Obviously they dropped a punt, so that hurt them and helped us. We had to have some plays out of the special teams because we weren't making any on offense."

Southern Miss Players
Cordarro Law, Sr., DL

"Our main job on defense tonight was to make sure we kept them out of the end zone. It was a team effort in the win tonight for the defense. Korey (Williams), Deron Wilson and Terrance Pope (all played well) - it was a team effort tonight."

"We definitely told them (the offense) that we were going to pick them up (tonight). There are going to be plenty more games that they are going to have to pick us up. It evens out. We know what our offense is capable of doing."

"We were pretty amped up tonight. With the weather we weren't expecting that many people to come out. We would like to thank our fans for coming out, especially the students. It was kind of crazy how they came out to support us."

Danny Hrapmann, Sr., PK
"First of all, I want to say Corey Acosta came in (and did a great job). This kid didn't expect to kick the ball in this game and made two clutch kicks. If he wouldn't have made those two kicks we would have had an entirely different ball game. It was unbelievable for him to hit those two field goals."

Tim Green, Sr., LB
"I loved it. I enjoyed being back. I told the guys before the game was that this is why I came back."

"Coach Fedora called my number. I had been studying all week how their wedge was and it was pretty much what I saw. I thought if I could squeeze through it I knew that I could get it. I believed I could get it (the punt block) and I did."

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