Post Game Quotes

Aug 31, 2013

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Head Coach Todd Monken
Opening Statement...
"We got what we deserved. We deserved that loss. At one point, our defense had given up 120 yards. (Our offense) hadn't really done anything. We couldn't move the ball out of our own end. Obviously, we would have liked to have stopped them at the end. We earned that one. You can't drop footballs. You can't turn (the ball) over. You're not going to win. I don't care what level you're at. We didn't run the ball. We couldn't run the ball as effectively as we would have liked. As I told the team, we have a good football team. It's unfortunate the way it turned out. I said it beforehand; we have a chance to be really good on defense because we're really good up front. That will give us a chance. But we've got to find a way to take care of the football."

On the defense...
"They played great. They really did. They really dominated the game. If you look at one facet of the game, our defense dominated it. Obviously, at the end, giving up that big third down, we had a chance to finish and of course we didn't. That's disappointing. Our coaches feel that way. I've certainly been on teams where you score 46 and (the opponent) scores 47 and the offense feels good. We would have liked to stop (Texas State) but you have to take care of the football."

On the beginning of the game...
"I didn't sense a wide-eyed approach. I thought our guys were ready. They were excited. The energy, the attitude and the body language was fantastic and the effort was outstanding. That's all you can ask for. Obviously, what we put into taking care of the football is not enough. After that, it doesn't matter. But, I thought our guys were ready to go."

On the inability to run the ball...
"It did (throw Southern Miss off) a little bit. When we got going in the second half, we never punted. Up until those last two options, we really stopped ourselves. The inability to run the ball certainly puts you behind the eight ball. We had a chance for a lot of big plays. We've got to do a better job of scoring touchdowns, obviously. That goes back to execution."

On fighting back and taking the lead...
"I've said this from the beginning, that I couldn't be any more encouraged by our players. You talk about fight and resolve and grit and great kids, we've got them. So we're going to tighten this thing up. If you look around the country, there are good football teams and we're one of them. We've just got to stop turning the ball over and doing silly things because we're a good football team and they're good kids."

Player Quotes

Dylan Reda
On the Play of the defense...
"I thought we played great. Up front we were dominant in the line of scrimmage. Khyri (Thonton) and (Rakeem) Nunez (-Roches) were freeing me and Alan (Howze) and me up to go around and make plays. They were causing havoc in the backfield, but the biggest problem was that we weren't creating enough turnovers and that is what really effected the game."

On the Texas State go-ahead drive late in the game...
"We have really been emphasizing about getting to the sticks especially on third and long and that we know the down and distance. We didn't quite get there (on a third-and-long) and they got it over the top of our Spur and Mike's (Linebacker) heads. That was how the drive started and that was rough as it was a big momentum shift for the defense."

PAlan Howze
Was there a fatigue factor at the end of the game?...
"I can't really say that fatigue was a factor because there were some drives that we got three-and-out on. I felt, from my point of view, I was fine. I know that a couple other players, they were fine. On drives that were extended for awhile then you will find players that get fatigued a little."

On their go-ahead drive last in the game...
"It was just a bust from our assignments on that last drive, just mental mistakes, and it definitely cost us. You can't mistakes against a good team because they will capitalize on it."

Head Coach Dennis Franchione
Opening Statement...
"This is a proud program and a hard place to come win. I know they didn't have a very good year last year but that's a good defensive ballclub. They're going to win some games this year. They are going to get better and better. They just have to keep believing right now."

"I'm proud of our guys. A great defensive effort. I don't know what our yardage is but six takeaways, that's huge ... David Mayo, probably got the momentum going against us, and he made the takeaway, which was huge."

Praise For Punter Zach Robinson...
"Zach Robinson what a weapon he was tonight. I think four of his first six punts went dead inside the 20 yard line. He boomed it. He kept reestablishing field position for us tonight."

Regarding Game-Winning Drive...
"Can't say enough about the offense the last (touchdown) drive. After the intentional grounding, we end up going 90 yards and Tyler Arndt made some good throws and we made the catches and then Tyler made a good run for the touchdown ... It took a mentally-tough team to come in and do what we did here. It was a hard-fought game. When they got up we answered the bell and that's what you've got to do."

On defensive effort...
"Six takeaways in one game, that would take us three weeks to get that last year. That was huge, the stops that they made. I though (defensive coordinator Craig) Naivar called a great game. We never let the quarterback get comfortable back there. The guys did a good job of putting pressure on him ... It was a defensive struggle and our defense matched and the takeaways."

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