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Wesley Medical Center Play of the Game

Wesley Medical Center

This year's winner is Craig Craft's 3-pointer against UTEP on January 30th

Craig Craft's turn-around jumper is the Wesley Medical Center Play of the year

2007-08 Wesley Medical Center Plays of the Game

11/12 vs. Belhaven - R.L. Horton Scores to Put Golden Eagles up 21-5
11/14 vs. Cal - Jeremy Wise's 3-Pointer Cuts Deficit to Three Late
11/20 vs. William Carey - Jeremy Wise's Big Three Pointer Helps Golden Eagles Pull Away
11/23 vs. Alabama - Jeremy Wise Provides Heroics for Southern Miss in 33-point Effort
11/29 vs. Blue Mountain - Gjio Bain's Lay Up Gives Golden Eagles 100 Points
12/05 vs. South Alabama - Golden Eagles Pull to Within Six on R.L. Horton's Three-Pointer
12/08 vs. Spring Hill - Jeremy Wise Lay Up to Start Second Half
12/15 vs. Alabama State - Brandon Cooks rebound and slam dunk
12/18 vs. New Orleans - Jeremy Wise makes a shot on the way to 29 points
12/19 vs. Louisiana Tech - Courtney Beasley sets career high, reaching 25 points
12/20 vs. Alcorn State - Courtney Beasley dish to Brandon Cooks for the dunk
12/23 vs. McNeese State - Jeremy Wise with a bucket
12/23 vs. McNeese State - Craig Craft 3-pointer brings Eagles within 2 points
01/04 vs. Savannah State - Brandon Cook's Bucket
01/08 vs. UCF - Jeremy Wise's Alley Oop to Craig Craft
01/12 vs. Tulane - Courtney Beasley with a layup
01/16 vs. UAB - Andre Stephens lay-up
01/19 vs. Memphis - Craig Craft turn-around jumper
01/30 vs. UTEP - Courtney Beasley rebound and shot
02/05 vs. UAB - Craig Craft bucket, leading to career-high 27 points
02/16 vs. East Carolina - Courtney Beasley big bucket in second half
02/23 vs. Tulane - Jeremy Wise 3-pointer
03/01 vs. Memphis - Jeremy Wise reverse layup
03/04 vs. UTEP - Craig Craft 3-pointer

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