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Bahamas Blog - Day 5

Aug 17, 2013

Day five in the Bahamas was the best in my opinion! Like every morning it started nice and early at 9 a.m. We got up and had a great breakfast to start the day off the right way. Following breakfast we watched plenty of film so we could see where we needed to improve. After film Coach T gave us the freedom to lounge around the resort before pregame meal.

After a great pre-game meal, it was time to get focused for the game. All the guys have different ways of preparing. Our goals for today's game was to improve from our last game and make bigger strides to becoming a better team.

The New Providence All- Stars competed very hard like all the teams out here are doing. As for our team, we had the things we needed to improve on in the back of our minds and made big steps forward into making progress. At no point was it our absolute perfect game, but we made strides from the game before and are continuing to get better each and every second we are around each other.

With two days left, the team is continuing to grind and get better each day. It's a blessing to be on a trip like this and surrounded around positive people.

This is Aaron Brown, Southern Miss... To the Top!

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