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Bahamas Blog - Day 3

Aug 14, 2013

Bahamas Blog | Live Stats

By: Cedric Jenkins

Day three in the Bahamas will have to be almost perfect to top day two! At 9 a.m., we woke up for a great breakfast just before heading to film and going over yesterday's film. After film Coach T allowed us the freedom to go explore different things on the resort and get out in the sun.

After a beautiful afternoon in the sun and on the shore line, we met for pregame meal at 2 p.m. and began to focus in for the game and prepare to go out and get the win. We later departed the resort at 5:15 p.m. and headed to the gym for the game.

The Bahamas All-Star team played very competitive, tough and physical throughout all forty minutes of the game. As for USM basketball, we have showed progress and turned the energy level up a notch from last game.

Each day has been a blessing and we have cherished every moment!

Cedric Jenkins signing off, Southern Miss... To the Top!

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