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Post Game Quotes

March 14, 2013

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Southern Miss Head Coach Donnie Tyndall
Opening Statement...
"First off. I have a great deal of respective for Jerod and the job he's done. I've watched probably the last 16 games of the season over the last three of four days, and his team has gotten better, better and better every week of the season. He's done a fantastic job. I'm a huge fan of Rod Rucker. I think he's arguably the toughest guy in this league I have to vote for my guy Mills first, but he's a close second. Their team competed for 40 minutes. We knew it was going to be tough. On our side of things we shared the ball and played very, very unselfish - 17 assists and 29 made field goals - and we did a god job on the backboards with 12 rebounded bank shots and I thought those were two pretty key things for us."

Tournament games seem to really be a game of spurts, and you guys have done that...
"I think so. That's kind of how we play in our press. Try to create turnovers and go on 14-4 type runs, 12-2 type runs, and I think our guys did that at least a couple times in the game. But UAB is skilled. Their guys are tough and it's hard to turn them over. We only turned them over 13 times, but I though a couple of times in those spurts we forced timely turnovers and we were able to play the open floor and convert and that's when our team is pretty good."

Is this as about as good a performance you could have hoped for a first round game?...
"I think UAB may have been a little fatigued from playing late last night, and that helps us and gave us a little bit of an advantage. I thought our energy level was good. I don't think we were overly efficient. We did have 15 turnovers. The two biggest things... I thought our energy level was good. I liked how hard we played, and I thought we really tried to chare the ball and make the extra pass. Dwayne is a guy who is our leading scorer and one of the best scorers, not only in our league, but college basketball, and he only has 3 points at halftime and wasn't concerned at all. He made two great extra passes and that's a tribute to their unselfishness and willingness to share the ball and play together."

Neil Watson
It seemed like your best games against UAB, what has sparked you against those guys>...
"It's the tournament. You can't have any bad games and they were just our first game. I felt confident and our team is confident that we'd come out and play hard and with energy and that was the key to the game."

Dwayne Davis
Do you feel you frustrated them in the first half, did that lead to some key runs for you guys?...
"Not really. We just had to play defense like Southern Miss does and we have all year. For them to get a technical foul added fuel to our fire. We just came out and defended."

Head Coach Jerod Haase
Opening Statement...
"Obviously we're extremely disappointed in the game and the outcome of the game. Overall, I've been very, very excited about this team and proud of this team from start to finish and we've come a long way. But the game itself, offensively, we did some nice things. We were able to move the basketball and do so some things against that zone that other teams can't do because of our personnel, but on the defensive end we struggled mightily. We couldn't guard them in man to man, couldn't guar them in the zone, we couldn't box out and their ability to shoot the basketball and score in a variety of ways proved to be too much."

When you were up one, the a flagrant foul was called against Scottie and it kind of snowballed from there, what happened on that, did the guys get rattled at that point?... "I don't know if our guys got rattled. I didn't see the play and don't know what happened on that play. To be honest I thought we lost our composure a little more in the first 10 minutes of the game, we were up one and we did settle down, but at that point of the game our inability to guard really made the biggest impact of the game. It goes back to the substance of our team that when times get tough, we seem to always respond. We responded today. I know it wasn't pretty and we didn't keep it close at the end, but when we got down we were still fighting and coming back."

Rod Rucker
When you got the technical was that added frustration...
"A little bit. I didn't see what I did, but when the ref calls it, it is what it is. I got a little bit down at the time, but regained my composure and came back out strong."

How touch were those guys down low, they won the rebounding battle tonight?...
"They're some tough guys. You have to give credit where credit is due. I think we're tough too."

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