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Omaha is in Our Sights

Chase Fowler

Nov. 9, 2012

'Catching up with Fowler' Blog
Follow Golden Eagle senior Chase Fowler of Cumming, Ga., as he and his baseball teammates go through individual workouts and then fall practice as they work on their quest to get back to the NCAA Tournament. Chase will write share his thoughts on Southern Miss baseball and other happenings each Thursday during the fall semester.

I remember walking in to Vann Hall my freshman year with so much excitement and anticipation for the next four years of my life. I remember meeting all the freshmen that year (Dillon Day, Jay Myrick, Jared Bales, Isaac Rodriguez, Tyler Brant, Patrick Donnely, Chase Wroten, and Geoffrey Thomas) and sharing our stories with each other. I remember Isaac and how broken his English was and how I thought Dillon Day was straight out of the swamps. I looked over at my roommate, Jay Myrick, later that night and wondered if he was ever going to say more than three words.

Now it is four years later and Isaac is fluent in English and teaching me words I didn't know existed. Dillon has introduced me to foods that still have eyes attached to them and now we can't get Jay to be quiet. These four years have flown by and many memories have come along with them. Only five of us freshmen from that year remain and we are ready for something big.

We have been through a season where we started out last in C-USA, but made a run to finish in second and ended up winning the Conference Championship to give us a regional berth. The next season was one of the best teams I have been a part of. We hit, we pitched, and we played defense. At one point in the season we had an RPI of 2 and stayed ranked in the Top 25 the entire season. We finished C-USA tied for first and earned a ring for the second year in a row. Last year, we faced some adversity that we just couldn't seem to overcome and left us all with a bitter taste in our mouths.

This is a new year. Paxton King and Travis Creel, as well as the five freshmen from my class, return to lead this team 998 miles northwest of Hattiesburg to the place that every college baseball player dreams of: Omaha, Nebraska. Only eight teams make it there every year and we truly believe it is our time. I remember watching that 2009 team during my senior year and thinking to myself: 'I will help lead my team to Omaha, no matter what it takes.'

I have confidence in this team. We are not where we need to be at this point, but come February when we hit the field against Mizzou, we will be ready and we will be fun to watch. This team is like no other that I have been a part of. Not only do we mesh on the field, the way we bond off the field makes us that much better.

I cannot wait until February and I hope that you, the fans, are ready as well. We will see you at "The Pete!"

Southern Miss, To The Top!

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