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USM-Houston Postgame Quotes

May 24, 2012

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Scott Berry

"At this point, it's all about getting the W. What I just told the team was that even if we had lost the game right there, I still would have been very proud of what they did. There were so many times when we gave the momentum back and we could have laid down, but we didn't. So, I can't say enough about Drehoff's performance on a hot day. He ran out of gas, but for Roney to come in and do what he did even though we gave up the two runs after going up 7-5, he still came back. When we went first-to-third, we tried to steal him four straight times and that really took a lot out of him. But when it was all said and done, we were able to get the base hit out of Kameron Brunty to move him to third and then Austin Roussel gets to pinch hit and get that run up the middle. Then, of course, for Chase Horn to come in, as a senior on his birthday and get the last two outs was pretty special."

On the performance of Jake Drehoff:
"He's pushed through a lot of things this year. He's been battling a bad ankle and I think more than anything else today it was the heat that got him, even though he threw 90 pitches. He did a great job and got us to the 7th. Now, of course, the 7th was another Achilles heel for us. We saw some visions of what happened yesterday but I was real proud with the way we responded and kept fighting back to get the win."

On the importance of Michael Sterling:
"The kid's playing hard. We had to make some moves there with him to not have him in the game and luckily it worked out. What he brings to the game, with his speed and now he's starting to do some things offensively without getting hit, that's big for us."

On how Bradley Roney handled the pitcher's duty:
"Roney's just one of those type of guys that wants the ball. I think he just ran out of gas and that one offensive series where we had to try and steal him there, I think really took a lot out of him. He's the guy that I want to have the ball. He's got the makeup, the mental makeup, I just wish it was every day I wish you could hand it to him."

On handling the pitching staff for Saturday:
"Well, we'll regroup tomorrow and get a little rest with a light workout. I don't know if we'll go to Mason, starting with him, but from this point on, we're going to have to have people step it up. Guys that pitched yesterday are going to have to step it up. We're at a do-or-die situation now."

Bradley Roney

On coming in to close out the 7th:
"I just knew I had to stop what was going on. Runners getting on base and walking people and everything and hopefully get out of that inning. As far as coming in from third, I was already pretty tired but I tried to do my best."

On getting the win for the team:
"We did a great job of fighting today. There were many times where we could have just laid down and just said `Oh well.' But that's the good thing about this team, we don't give up on it. This win today helps us in a sense but we still have to take care of business on Saturday against Rice but we still need that bit of help. It's good to know that we took care of our part and just see what happens."

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