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Post Game Quotes

May 23, 2012

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Southern Miss Coach Scott Berry
Overall Statement...
"We played good for six innings. We missed on a couple of opportunities to increase our lead and really it should have been 5-2 headed into that seventh inning. I think he biggest key in that inning, looking back, was the Hynes kid had a great at-bat against Pierce and really wore him down. We wanted to extend Pierce another inning through the seventh. I don't know how many pitches that at-bat went but it was over 10 pitches and he ended up beating him with a double. Then of course we didn't get anything out of our bullpen."

"There were times at UAB this past weekend that, even though we won two out of three, we saw some of the makings of what happened here today. We can't start innings by letting the first hitter on base, and then when our relievers inherit base runners they have to be able to limit the damage and keep the game under control."

"He battled for us, which he does every time out. He made one mistake pitch to Wilson. What a hitter he is. He hit his 17th home run. We ended that streak of scoreless innings here at 32 innings, but we missed some opportunities to increase our lead, first on a base running mistake and then failing to get the run home with runners on the corners and one out. I think in a game like this if you increase that lead you feel a little more confident and I know Andrew (Pierce) would have felt a little better going into that big inning."

"We're gonna have to get some help, no doubt. Memphis is going to have to lose a couple and we're going to have to win a couple, that's all there is to it. We just have to come out here ready to play. We have to take away what we can from this game and come out tomorrow a little upset and try to pick up a win."

Andrew Pierce, Jr., RHP
"We played good baseball through six innings and just kind of fell off. I'm anxious to see how we respond and see everyone fired up."

On the long at-bat in the 7th and if it wore him down...
"It was kind of a critical at-bat. I think I was around 90 pitches with a guy on first and second and got pretty far in. It was a long inning and you hope the bullpen can come in and shut people down. We've just got to keep our heads up and get ready for tomorrow."

On the next steps ahead...
"I think we have to hope that Memphis loses and we can come out and win these next two. I think we're going to come out pretty strong and put up a good fight."

Blake Brown, Jr., 1B
On handling the loss and going forward... "Really, the only way to handle it is to come out and play Southern Miss baseball for the next one. We've got to do it ourselves. A little help would be good, but we've got to come out and do it ourselves."

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