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Guiding Principles

Our Fundamental Principles
The mission of the Athletics Department is "nested" within the mission of the University of Southern Mississippi. A seamless relationship (between Athletics and the University) exists whereby we prefer to view Athletics as a member of the College Team, vice Auxiliary organization.

Our constituents exist from across all walks of life... Such diversity reflects the Nation, the Great State of Mississippi and is viewed as the preferred source of Golden Eagle Pride. Family Members stand "shoulder to shoulder and back to back," and sustain each other on the basic founding principle of love for the institution.

We are a "team of teams" consisting of members that include faculty, staff, students, alumni, former students, local/state/national business members and others who trust in the University of Southern Mississippi.

Our Unifying Mission
The Mission of the University of Southern Mississippi Department of Athletics is to graduate our Student-Athletes and successfully compete at the highest level of NCAA Division I Intercollegiate Athletics while supporting the total development of our Student-Athletes.

A Single Vision
The Vision of the University of Southern Mississippi Department of Athletics is to advance our national reputation for winning on the field of competition, graduating Student-Athletes who possess the moral courage to "do the right thing," and developing values-based leaders for the Nation. The Department of Athletics expands its "brand" by forging strategic partnerships with our constituents, positively engaging faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends, challenging national top-level athletic competition, and recruiting the best available talent. The Department of Athletics is a source of immense pride for all who support the University of Southern Mississippi.

A Series of Transitional Goals
Create new opportunities to foster Student-Athlete Success: Leadership; Social Development; Academics; and Competition.

Reorganize Athletics Staff and Support Agencies along "business" vice "traditional" Athletics Department lines of operation to create greater efficiency, effectiveness and thus productivity.

Create within the Athletics Department a Values-based Culture of Excellence and Ethics.

Develop a Sustainable Athletics Department Best Practice Business Model that preserves Staff and Coach "buy-in," full departmental participation and total Accountability for actions.

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