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Under the Helmet

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Bruce Johnson

What made you choose Southern Miss?
"Just before graduation, Southern Miss called needing a long snapper and fullback and told me I had the opportunity to play both. They also told me I would be able to try out for linebacker. Another huge influence was that my mentor growing up, Steve Barnes, who played here with Brett Favre, taught me how to long snap and play linebacker when I was 10 and when USM came calling it was a no brainer to come here."

What is your major and why did you choose that?
"My major is marketing. I actually started out as a Kinesiology major but chose marketing because I started to see that I wanted to go into sales, and marketing would give me that opportunity."

Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years?
"I see myself settled down with a family and working either in sales or as a college coach."

Your thoughts on the new coaching staff?
"They have brought in a whole new attitude that we needed. They are like an all-star staff from all different backgrounds. It has been awesome. They are here to win and they have instilled that into us that you have to play as a unit and everyone has really bought into it."

After last year's season, what do Golden Eagle fans have to look forward to this year?
"The difference is definitely the attitude that the coaching staff has brought in. The strength and conditioning program has changed the physical and mental aspect of everything. Also, the senior and upperclassmen leadership has really taken things this year by the horns by calling more meetings and keeping the team on track because we understand how important our last season is and how big of turn around we need to make after last year. Last season is definitely our motivation."

If we were to ask your teammates how do you think they would describe you?
"They would say that I am intense and be a little too much sometimes at workouts. I like to push my teammates, because I expect a lot from myself and with them and I think that gets on their nerves sometimes."

Tell us something that an average Golden Eagle fan would not know about you?
"I am very OCD when it comes to certain things. I take a lot of showers."

Describe this team in one sentence...
"A team with a chip on their shoulder working towards one goal: winning a conference championship."

What has been your favorite moment so far as a Golden Eagle?
"Definitely beating Houston for the Conference Championship in 2011. Hands down."

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