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NCAA Men's Basketball Infractions Report

Due to violations of NCAA rules in the Men's Basketball program, the NCAA's Committee on Infractions has placed the University on probation until January 29, 2020. All violations occurred during a prior coaching staff's employment at The University of Southern Mississippi from April, 2012 to April, 2014. The below is a summary of the Committee's findings:
     (1) The former coaching staff committed academic misconduct when they assisted prospective student-athletes in completing online courses taken from other universities while they were being recruited and prior to their enrollment at Southern Miss. The prospects used some of those courses to meet NCAA transfer regulations. The provision of impermissible assistance and benefits resulted in several of the students subsequently competing at the University while ineligible;
     (2) The former head coach helped facilitate the provision of impermissible financial support to two students who were nonqualifiers and were serving their year-in-residence. The students received improper financial support from their high school coaches to help pay for their costs associated with collegiate attendance during their respective freshmen years at the University. The provision of impermissible financial assistance resulted in one of the students' subsequently competing while ineligible; and
     (3) Various members of the former coaching staff, including the former head coach, were cited for failing to cooperate during the investigation and for unethical conduct. In addition, the former head coach was cited for failing to promote an atmosphere of compliance.
Consistent with NCAA legislation, during the course of the investigation, the University self-imposed various penalties including reductions in recruiting contacts and scholarships, a fine, and the vacation of all wins in which ineligible student-athletes competed. In addition, postseason bans were served during the 2014-15 and 2015-16 years. The Committee on Infractions did not impose any additional penalties against the University.

A copy of the NCAA's Public Infractions Report can be found here.

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