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Updated February 28, 2014

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Southern Misses

The Southern Misses Dance Team includes a select group of talented individuals who represent The University of Southern Mississippi. As a Southern Miss Spirit Squad, the Southern Misses' primary focus is to support Southern Miss Athletics as well as increasing fan support within the Hattiesburg area. The Southern Misses strive to generate a relationship between the local community and Southern Miss Athletics. Their contribution to the University includes performing at all men's and women's home basketball games, football pep rallies, Eaglewalk festivities, and Conference USA Basketball Tournaments. The team is compensated with a partial scholarship that is given to every member upon the completion of team duties at the end of the spring semester. Being a member of this squad can be fun and rewarding but also requires hard work, discipline, dedication and a cooperative attitude for the team's success.

Rebecca Chandler Southern Misses Dance Coach (601) 266-5281 E-mail Twitter

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