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Southern Miss Community Ticket Program

Southern Miss Athletics is proud to work with many worthwhile causes and events. USM supports numerous causes through ticket donations for various events (eg: silent auction, door prize, raffle, fundraiser). USM strives to accommodate all requests when feasible. In order to do so, please follow the guidelines below that have been established to make the process easy and timely.

In order to process your donation request, we ask that you please complete the following steps AT LEAST three weeks prior to your event deadline:

1. Fill out the below Donation Request Form.
2. Please allow two to five business days to process your donation request.
3. You will be contacted by phone or email regarding your request's approval.

Please note: the NCAA Bylaw 13.15.1 states, "an institution shall not offer, provide or arrange financial assistance, directly or indirectly, to pay (in whole or in part) the costs of a prospect's (9th-12th grade) educational or other expenses." Therefore this donation can only be used by anyone who has not yet entered the 9th grade. For more information or to follow up on your request please email or call Southern Miss Athletics at 601-266-6866.


Organization Name:

Contact Name:

Phone Number:



Organization Type

Organization Website:

Is your organization a 501 (c)(3)?

What is the age group of the individual(s) receiving the donated items?

For what type of activity is this item being used? (i.e., raffle, auction, etc.)

What is the activity date or deadline?

Will money be raised and where (to whom) will the proceeds go?

Will there be any commercial sponsorship of the event? If yes, how is the commercial entity involved in this activity?

Will there be any advertisement or promotion by a commercial agency? If yes, what type of advertising or promotion will be involved?

Specific requests or additional comments

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