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Southern Miss Community Ticket Program

Southern Miss Tickets

The Southern Miss Athletics Community Ticket Program is dedicated to giving non-profit organizations that support under-privileged youth populations, those with special needs and those that serve the community the opportunity to experience Southern Miss game day.

Fans and businesses are encouraged to help Southern Miss provide these opportunities by purchasing $10 tickets. For each $10 group rate ticket purchased for donation, Southern Miss Athletics will donate an additional ticket. To donate tickets, fans or businesses can click here.

Those donating tickets can designate whether they want their purchase to benefit the general Community Ticket Fund, or a specific group, whether it be youth/special need charities, first responders, military, or teachers.

Groups requesting tickets must have requests made for a game 48 hours prior to game day (End of Thursday for a Saturday game). Groups must fill out a form that requests a quantity, preferred dates, and information about the charity and who the tickets will benefit. After the Southern Miss compliance department reviews the ticket request, orders will be filled on a first come, first serve basis while tickets are still available in the community pool. However, new requests will take priority over groups that have received tickets previously during a season.

Organizations can fill out the form below.


Organization Name:


Contact Name:

Phone Number:


Organization Website:

Is your organization a 501 (c)(3)?

What sport would you like tickets to?

How many tickets are you requesting?

What is your organization's mission?

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