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Style Guide

Approval Process
Southern Miss licensees are encouraged, within the guidelines, to be creative in the application of the marks. All designs are subject to approval by the Southern Miss Licensing office prior to use. All licensees must submit artwork designs through LRG's Trademarx for approval by the USM licensing office prior to production. Visit www.LRGUSA.com for full details.

The official colors for Southern Miss are Black and PMS 123 Gold. Although PMS 123 gold is our official gold, the color represents in two completely different colors depending on how it is printed.

Therefore, we have chosen the complimentary Pantone Coated 136 to be used for glossy production pieces. The hexidecimal code for this PMS 136 is #FFC73B, which translates as RGB= 255/199/59 or CMYK=c0% m27% y79% k0%.

Pantone Uncoated 122, should be used for matte paper and production pieces and for the Web. The hexidecimal code for PMS 122 uncoated is #FDC737, which translates to RGB=253/199/55 or CMYK=c2% m21%. y77% k0%.

Southern Miss is aware of the fact that this color is difficult to duplicate for apparel in some instances, and the suggested Pantone equivalent to the 122 and 136 is Pantone Coated 1235 Gold.

The University Seal and Dome Marks
The university Seal and Dome marks may be used on imprinted products, but must not be distorted in any way. The marks cannot be used by non-university entities for any documents, publications, etc., in a manner that suggests that the document is a publication sponsored by the university.

Preferred Nickname
The University of Southern Mississippi has adopted "Southern Miss" as its official nickname. A majority of alumni, fans, and supporters prefer the "Southern Miss" nickname..

Though not preferred, names such as "USM" and the university's full name will continue to be approved by the licensing department for use on imprinted merchandise.

Nicknames including "S. Mississippi," "SO. Mississippi," "S. Miss," and "Southern" are not acceptable. Additionally, when using the university's full name, "The" must be included in the title, i.e., The University of Southern Mississippi.

Preferred Eagle
Southern Miss has a preferred golden eagle. The preferred eagle is our primary mark, which can be downloaded HERE

Usage of Primary Mark and the Mascot Name
The use of our mascot name, Golden Eagles, must be used as one entity.

Our new primary mark may be used in two ways. The golden eagle head may appear above the wording "Southern Miss Golden Eagles" or may stand alone without the wording.

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