Go Eagles!
Go Eagles!
  Updated March 6, 2014

Southern Miss Sports Today with Coach Todd Monken/with Coach Doc Sadler

Golden Eagle fans know where to turn for recaps and insight into the last week of athletic highlights, and that show is Southern Miss Sports Today. IMG Sports offers fans with the look and feel of the major networks with the faces they've grown to love over the years. The show is hosted by John Cox and runs in both football and men's basketball seasons.

Southern Miss Sports Today with Coach Todd Monken
2013-14 Weekly Schedule
WeekDateTimeAffiliateCoverage AreaOnline
1Thursday, August 296:30 p.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss.All-Access
-Friday, August 304:30 p.m.SportSouthSoutheastern RSN 
-Saturday, August 316:30 a.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss. 
-Saturday, August 317:00 a.m.COX SportsNew Orleans, La. 
2Thursday, September 56:30 p.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss.All-Access
-Friday, September 64:30 p.m.SportSouthSoutheastern RSN 
-Saturday, September 76:30 a.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss. 
-Saturday, September 77:00 a.m.COX SportsNew Orleans, La. 
3Thursday, September 126:30 p.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss.All-Access
-Friday, September 134:30 p.m.SportSouthSoutheastern RSN 
-Saturday, September 146:30 a.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss. 
-Saturday, September 157:00 a.m.COX SportsNew Orleans, La. 
4Bye Week
5Thursday, September 266:30 p.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss.All-Access
-Friday, September 274:30 p.m.SportSouthSoutheastern RSN 
-Saturday, September 286:30 a.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss. 
-Saturday, September 287:00 a.m.COX SportsNew Orleans, La. 
6Thursday, October 36:30 p.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss.All-Access
-Friday, October 44:30 p.m.SportSouthSoutheastern RSN 
-Saturday, October 56:30 a.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss. 
-Saturday, October 57:00 a.m.COX SportsNew Orleans, La. 
7Bye Week
8Thursday, October 176:30 p.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss.All-Access
-Friday, October 184:30 p.m.SportSouthSoutheastern RSN 
-Saturday, October 196:30 a.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss. 
-Saturday, October 197:00 a.m.COX SportsNew Orleans, La. 
9Thursday, October 246:30 p.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss.All-Access
-Friday, October 254:30 p.m.SportSouthSoutheastern RSN 
-Saturday, October 266:30 a.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss. 
-Saturday, October 267:00 a.m.COX SportsNew Orleans, La. 
10Thursday, October 316:30 p.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss.All-Access
-Friday, November 14:30 p.m.SportSouthSoutheastern RSN 
-Saturday, November 26:30 a.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss. 
-Saturday, November 27:00 a.m.COX SportsNew Orleans, La. 
11Thursday, November 76:30 p.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss.All-Access
-Friday, November 84:30 p.m.SportSouthSoutheastern RSN 
-Saturday, November 96:30 a.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss. 
-Saturday, November 97:00 a.m.COX SportsNew Orleans, La. 
12Thursday, November 146:30 p.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss.All-Access
-Friday, November 164:30 p.m.SportSouthSoutheastern RSN 
-Saturday, November 176:30 a.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss. 
-Saturday, November 177:00 a.m.COX SportsNew Orleans, La. 
13November 216:30 p.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss.All-Access
-Friday, November 224:30 p.m.SportSouthSoutheastern RSN 
-Saturday, November 236:30 a.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss. 
-Saturday, November 237:00 a.m.COX SportsNew Orleans, La. 
14Thursday, November 286:30 p.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss.All-Access
-Friday, November 294:30 p.m.SportSouthSoutheastern RSN 
-Saturday, November 306:30 a.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss. 
-Saturday, November 307:00 a.m.COX SportsNew Orleans, La. 
Southern Miss Sports Today with Coach Doc Sadler
2013-14 Weekly Schedule
WeekDateTimeAffiliateCoverage AreaOnline
1Tuesday, January 76:30 p.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss.All-Access
-Wednesday, January 84:30 p.m.SportSouthSoutheastern RSN 
-Tuesday, January 96:30 a.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss. 
-Tuesday, January 97:00 a.m.COX SportsNew Orleans, La. 
2Tuesday, January 146:30 p.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss.All-Access
-Wednesday, January 154:30 p.m.SportSouthSoutheastern RSN 
-Tuesday, January 166:30 a.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss. 
-Tuesday, January 167:00 a.m.COX SportsNew Orleans, La. 
3Tuesday, January 216:30 p.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss.All-Access
-Wednesday, January 224:30 p.m.SportSouthSoutheastern RSN 
-Tuesday, January 236:30 a.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss. 
-Tuesday, January 247:00 a.m.COX SportsNew Orleans, La. 
4Tuesday, January 286:30 p.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss.All-Access
-Wednesday, January 294:30 p.m.SportSouthSoutheastern RSN 
-Tuesday, January 306:30 a.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss. 
-Tuesday, January 317:00 a.m.COX SportsNew Orleans, La. 
5Tuesday, February 46:30 p.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss.All-Access
-Wednesday, February 54:30 p.m.SportSouthSoutheastern RSN 
-Tuesday, February 66:30 a.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss. 
-Tuesday, February 67:00 a.m.COX SportsNew Orleans, La. 
6Tuesday, February 116:30 p.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss.All-Access
-Wednesday, February 124:30 p.m.SportSouthSoutheastern RSN 
-Tuesday, February 136:30 a.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss. 
-Tuesday, February 137:00 a.m.COX SportsNew Orleans, La. 
7Tuesday, February 186:30 p.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss.All-Access
-Wednesday, February 194:30 p.m.SportSouthSoutheastern RSN 
-Tuesday, February 206:30 a.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss. 
-Tuesday, February 207:00 a.m.COX SportsNew Orleans, La. 
8Tuesday, February 256:30 p.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss.All-Access
-Wednesday, February 264:30 p.m.SportSouthSoutheastern RSN 
-Tuesday, February 276:30 a.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss. 
-Tuesday, February 287:00 a.m.COX SportsNew Orleans, La. 
9Tuesday, March 46:30 p.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss.All-Access
-Wednesday, March 54:30 p.m.SportSouthSoutheastern RSN 
-Tuesday, March 66:30 a.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss. 
-Tuesday, March 77:00 a.m.COX SportsNew Orleans, La. 
10Tuesday, March 116:30 p.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss.All-Access
-Wednesday, March 124:30 p.m.SportSouthSoutheastern RSN 
-Tuesday, March 136:30 a.m.WHLT 22Hattiesburg, Miss. 
-Tuesday, March 147:00 a.m.COX SportsNew Orleans, La.