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Bobby Dews Selected for the Golden Eagle Pride Campaign

Bobby Dews

Dec. 14, 2011

How long have you been a supporter of the Eagle Club?
Probably as long as it's been in existence.

Where are you currently located?

What is your earliest memory of Southern Miss Athletics?
Going to games at the original Rock. Sitting on the East side in folding chairs as a small child.

Why do you support the Eagle Club and Southern Miss Athletics?
It enhances the quality of life in the Hattiesburg area and south Mississippi. We all need to help it grow and prosper

You have season tickets to what sports?
Football, basketball and baseball.

Were you a USM athlete?
If so, how did the experience affect your life? I played freshman basketball under Lee Floyd and Jeep Clark. I made friendships I'll never forget and just solidified my attachment to our great University. I was also suite-mates with the late, great Wendell Ladner. That was an experience within its self.

What is your favorite Southern Miss Athletics tradition?
I've always liked the SOUTHERN spell-out cheer. It's been around a long time. I enjoy the Eagle Walk also.

Who is your favorite Southern Miss coach or athlete, past or present?
I've got to name two. Reggie Collier is the best athlete I've ever seen play here. The best overall player, person and leader has got to be Austin Davis. Young men like Austin are very rare these days.

What are three must-have items for your own personal tailgate?
Sweets, chicken and illegal cold beverages.

What is the best type of food to have at a tailgate?
Finger food and toothpick pick-up food.

Why should more Southern Miss fans and supporters join the Eagle Club?
It's the lifeblood of our athletic program. If we don't continue to grow our support, the entire athletic program could be in serious jeopardy.

From all of USM's athletic success, what is your favorite memory of all-time?
I've got many, but two that stand out are beating a highly ranked Florida State team 58-14 in Tallahassee with Reggie Collier at quarterback and this year's conference championship at Houston.

What is your favorite part about the game-day environment for any USM sports team?
Just all the fans coming together to support the Eagles and wearing their Black and Gold.

What is your favorite place on the campus of Southern Miss?
Probably relaxing at Pete Taylor Park watching a baseball game.

What do you miss about Southern Miss?
I don't really miss Southern Miss because I'm around it often. I'm on campus at least once a week.

What piece of Southern Miss apparel can you not live without on game-day?
I don't have any apparel I can't live without, but I like to wear a USM pull-over.

How were you introduced to Southern Miss and USM Athletics?
I was born into USM. My Dad was the tailback for the undefeated 1941 team and I've been following Southern Miss sports since I was an infant.

Tell us what Southern Miss Athletics means to you.
It's my main hobby. Some people hunt, fish or play golf. I enjoy following Southern Miss athletics.

What is your pregame ritual?
Just to make sure I'm in the football stadium for the kick- off.

Define Golden Eagle Pride?
The feeling of satisfaction when the Eagles are successful because we have to work a lot harder than most schools to achieve our goals. We get a bigger bang for our buck in athletics than any major University in the country. It's a tribute to Athletic Director Richard Giannini and his predecessors.

What makes you the most passionate Golden Eagle Fan?
I'm sure there are many fans as passionate as myself. I'll just say, I realize the impact that our athletic program has on Hattiesburg and South Mississippi. I get very frustrated that a lot of people in our area don't seem to understand the importance of USM to our quality of life. In the arts, academics, in research and in athletics; Southern Miss affects us all in some way. We should support this University to the best of our ability and be ashamed of ourselves if we don't.

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