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Getting to Know Your Golden Eagles

Nov. 3, 2006

Throughout the 2006 Golden Eagle Football season, a player from the offense, defense, and special teams will sit down for an interview with Southern Miss Athletic Media Relations intern Katlin Odems on what you need to know about Southern Miss Football. This week will feature defensive back Ed Morgan, defensive back Eddie Hicks and wide receiver Joe Singleton.

Ed Morgan

What are your thoughts on the season so far? "I'm just getting back from playing defense and back on offense, so I'm just trying to earn my spot back."

You were used to getting in the end zone in high school. How does it feel making your first collegiate touchdown? "It felt really good; I think it was due. It was really overdue. It was time for me to make one."

At the beginning of the season, you were listed as a defensive back, but you are now seeing a lot of time at receiver. At what position do you feel most comfortable? "I feel more comfortable on offense. I've never played defense before, but I did it for the team. I'm proud to be back on offense, but if they need me on defense, I would've stayed there. I just want to help my team."

Are there any players on the team that you look up to? "I look up to Damion Carter, Jeremy Young and Anthony Perine."

If you could model yourself after any NFL player, who would it be? "T.O. (Terrell Owens) because I like his cocky attitude."

What do you do in your spare time to get away from football? "I like to relax. Me and my girlfriend might go out to eat or to a movie."

What is the biggest challenge being one of the smallest players on the team? "One challenge is blocking other guys. They underestimate me. I might be small, but I'm strong. Mostly, the challenging part is hearing all the talk."

What would you like to do with a degree in business administration? "I would like to start my own business and be my own boss."

What is in the CD player before the game? "Nine times out of 10, it will be Lil' Wayne, being that I'm from Louisiana."

Eddie Hicks

Give us your thoughts on the team's performance so far this season? "I feel that we have been playing alright as a team, but we can do a little more to gain these wins that we need in order to go to the conference championship."

What do you think the team needs to improve on to get ready for Memphis? "I think we need to limit our mistakes and come out ready to play."

You have the longest interception return in school history (87 yards 10/28/06 vs. East Carolina), how does that make you feel? "It makes me feel real good; that's a great accomplishment. I'm very proud about it."

What were you thinking when you saw the ball leave the quarterback's hand? "This is an interception and a touchdown."

Are there any players on the team that you look up to? "I look up to Brandon Sumrall, because we play the same position. I like the way he comes out every day and practices hard and plays hard in the games."

Coming from Clarksdale, which is a football town, did you grow up knowing that you were going to play football? "I came up with it on my mind, so I worked at it. I had an older brother that played, and I looked up to him. That is what made me want to play."

If you could model yourself after any NFL defensive back, who would it be? "Sean Taylor, because of his physical way of playing and he is a hard-nosed safety, who loves to be around the ball."

If you had to play any other position on the football field, what would you want it to be? "I would probably play receiver. I played it a little bit in high school, but overall, I'm a defensive player."

What is your Favorite football team? "I have liked the Dallas Cowboys ever since I was little."

What are you listening to before the game? "T.I."

Joe Singleton

What are your thoughts on the season so far? "We're still in a position to win the championship, so it's not too bad. We have four ball games that we are going to have to win."

What are you doing to help get your team and yourself better? "I come to practice and work hard every day. I put on my hard-hat and grab my lunch pale and get it every day in practice."

The coaches say that you're an excellent athlete. Do you get that from any family members? "Not necessarily. My dad is a cook, and my mom died when I was two. If I did, I don't know where I got it from."

Why Southern Miss? "When I came down here, they treated me like family. I got along with the players, and I felt like I was at home."

Do you feel more comfortable having a few more Florida players on the team? "Yeah, I feel comfortable hanging out with those guys."

Are there any players on the team that you look up to for advice? "I talk J.Y.(Jeremy Young) a lot. I ask about his opinion on a lot of stuff and what we would do in certain situations."

If you could be drafted tomorrow, what team would you want to go to? "I would want to go to my hometown team, the Jacksonville Jaguars."

Are there any other positions on the field you would like to play? "Yeah, I would like to play quarterback."

Did you always know that you wanted to play football? "I've been playing football since I was five years old. I played basketball too, but I mostly had it in my mind that I was a football player."

You had outstanding numbers in high school. Do you think you could leave your mark on Southern Miss like you did in high school? "I want to come here and make an impact and let my presence be known. I also want to be remembered when I leave here."

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