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Oct. 12, 2017


Over the past 7 months, and despite any challenges of the moment, not a day has passed where I haven't found something to get excited about within our Department of Athletics. Every single day! In over 24 years within the industry, I have never held such high enthusiasm. With all my heart, I feel that Southern Miss Athletics holds incredible potential for excellence and achievement.

With this in mind, on August 16 we held an All-Staff and Coaches Meeting for the Department of Athletics. The purpose of that meeting was to gather as a group, recommit to our Mission and Guiding Principles, address key issues, and share the direction of our Department through 2017, and beyond. On that day, I shared my enthusiasm with our Staff and Coaches, and I extended an invitation across our entire Department...



At our meeting, I invited our Staff and Coaches to join our Annual Fund. Plain and simple - this fund provides vital support for our Departmental operating expenses throughout the year. But more than that, the Annual Fund holds the potential to advance and enrich our program in so many new ways. 

As we began the I'M IN Campaign, 34 of 144 Staff, Coaches and Graduate Assistants were already members (special thanks to that group). Yet as of Friday 10/6, we have 100% participation across the Department - with over 100 new Members!

As we call upon our Donors and Prospective Donors to share our Needs Report, I cannot think of a more powerful statement than the fact that our own Staff and Coaches, as well as our Graduate Assistants, are IN! I am proud and honored to state: I'M IN - WE'RE ALL IN!


As we move forward, please know that I am personally involved on a daily basis with Major Donors, Prospective Donors, Eagle Club Members, and Prospective Eagle Club Members. As I make the visits and meet with these individuals, I can't wait to thank current members, and share the fact that our own Department Staff and Coaches believe in our Mission, Guiding Principles and plans for our future, and that they support our Department through Eagle Club membership. 


If you are already a member of the Eagle Club, our deepest thanks! And if you are a prospective member, I hope that you will consider joining in this month of October. I do understand that your personal resources are precious, and as such, I am not concerned so much with the amount of your gift, as I am interested in your participation and commitment to our work within the Department. My hope is that you would recognize your gift acknowledges that our work carries great meaning - as we support the educational mission of the University through our work with Student-Athletes. Your participation helps to make us a success and a point of pride within the community.


In closing, I'd like to invite you to develop a meaningful relationship with our Department of Athletics.

If you would like to become a member of our Eagle Club as a part of our I'M IN Campaign, please stop by our Development Office (or my office) at any time - or feel free to contact Caroline Bevillard within our Athletics Development Office. Caroline is coordinating this project for us and her number is (601) 266-5299. 

As I have shared with my Staff and Coaches, our future looks bright if we continue to make progress each and every day. On behalf of our Staff, Coaches and great Graduate Assistants ... I'M IN - WE'RE ALL IN! 

Hope you're IN soon!




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