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Golden Eagle Pride Campaign Highlights Melinda Andrews, Ph.D.

Melinda Andrews, Ph.D. (L) with her cousin Cory Price.

Oct. 12, 2011

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How long have you been a supporter of the Eagle Club?
I have been supporting the Eagle Club for three years. I joined as soon as I moved back to Hattiesburg and started teaching at Southern Miss.

Where are you currently located?
I currently live in Hattiesburg and teach marketing classes in the College of Business at USM.

What is your earliest memory of Southern Miss Athletics?
My earliest memory of Southern Miss Athletics is attending a basketball game at Reed Green Coliseum during the 1987 NIT Championship season. I was about 10 and my father managed to get me a shirt with a big red apple on it that was signed by most of the team...Casey Fisher, Randolph Keys, all of those guys. I LOVED that shirt!

Why do you support the Eagle Club and Southern Miss Athletics?
I support the Eagle Club because it supports our student-athletes. We have some great students that play for our university. I strongly believe they deserve the support of the Hattiesburg and Southern Miss community for getting out there and representing us to the best of their ability.

You have season tickets to what sports?
I currently have season tickets to baseball and football. I will be buying season tickets for basketball this year. In fact, I already have my seats picked out from watching the games last season.

Were you a USM athlete? If so, how did the experience affect your life?
I wish! My cousin, David Clark, pitched for USM a few seasons back though. My family has always supported USM athletics, but I think having a family member as a student-athlete makes you truly appreciate how much these kids are doing to represent our university.

What is your favorite Southern Miss Athletics tradition?
I really enjoy the singing of the alma mater at the end of the games.

Who is your favorite Southern Miss coach or athlete, past or present?
I have a few favorites. Casey Fisher with those 3-pointers and Sai'Quon Stone with the defense are my favorite USM basketball players. My favorite baseball players of all-time would probably be Bo Davis and, of course, David Clark. I'm really enjoying watching Tracy Lampley, Ronnie Thornton, and Jamie Collins this football season.

What are three must-have items for your own personal tailgate?
Tailgating is big for my family this year. Our tailgate would not be complete without the Southern Miss tailgate carpet, good tailgate chairs, and friends/family decked out in BLACK & GOLD.

What is the best type of food to have at a tailgate?
Food that doesn't run out until you are ready to pack up and go home is best for tailgating.

Why should more Southern Miss fans and supporters join the Eagle Club?
The Eagle Club helps support the education of our athletes through scholarships. Plus, you can get access to some really great seats and parking for athletic events when you join.

From all of USM's athletic success, what is your favorite memory of all-time?
My favorite memory of all time would be watching USM beat Florida in the (baseball) Super Regional. That was an amazing moment in USM history.

What is your favorite part about the game-day environment for any USM sports team?
The Pride makes any game-day more exciting. It was so much more fun when the pep band started playing at basketball games last season.

What is your favorite place on the campus of Southern Miss?
I really like the old freshmen quad area for nostalgic reasons. I have many memories from my days in Pulley Hall and Panhellenic. Plus, I tailgate right beside the area these days.

What do you miss about Southern Miss?
I am fortunate enough to work at Southern Miss so I don't have to miss much.

What piece of Southern Miss apparel can you not live without on game-day?
I must have a gold USM shirt unless it is the BLACKOUT game.

How were you introduced to Southern Miss and USM Athletics?
I was first introduced to Southern Miss athletics back in 1987 by a family friend.

Tell us what Southern Miss Athletics means to you.
I love Southern Miss athletics. My family loves Southern Miss. Attending Southern Miss games is the perfect reason for getting together with friends and family to support our team.

What is your favorite Southern Miss cheer?
I never really hear this one anymore, but we loved B.I.G.G.O.L.D GO BIG GOLD back in the day.

What is your pregame ritual?
I make sure I have my tickets before I head to the game.

Define Golden Eagle Pride?
Golden Eagle Pride is supporting the Eagles in good times and bad until the very end of the game.

What makes you the most passionate Golden Eagle Fan?
I am fanatical about USM athletics. I live by my definition of Golden Eagle Pride each and every game I attend...which is a lot!

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