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Golden Eagle Pride Campaign Highlights Robert McDonough

Robert McDonough

Sept. 16, 2011

How long have you been a supporter of the Eagle Club?
2 Years

Where are you currently located?
Mobile, Ala.

What is your earliest memory of Southern Miss Athletics?
My earliest memory is taking the Mobile Alumni bus trip to Memphis to watch the Golden Eagles beat Pittsburgh 41-7 in 1997 in the Liberty Bowl.

Why do you support the Eagle Club and Southern Miss Athletics?
I choose to support the Eagle Club and Southern Miss Athletics because it helps fund our student-athletes and is a way of giving back to our Institution.

You have season tickets to what sports?

What is your favorite Southern Miss Athletics tradition?
The Rock in the District

Who is your favorite Southern Miss coach or athlete, past or present?
My favorite coach is Corky Palmer. My favorite players are Robert Giordano and Brett Favre.

What are three must-have items for your own personal tailgate?
Chair, TV and the Remote

What is the best type of food to have at a tailgate?
Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Mac n Cheese

Why should more Southern Miss fans and supporters join the Eagle Club?
It is an important way for Alumni to give back to their Institution and promote continued growth of the University.

From all of USM's athletic success, what is your favorite memory of all-time?
Beating No. 9 TCU in the Rock and tearing down the goalpost.

What is your favorite part about the game-day environment for any USM sports team?
Yelling To The Top!!!

What is your favorite place on the campus of Southern Miss?
The Rock

What do you miss about Southern Miss?
I miss walking around the campus and knowing that I can go to each and every sporting event that takes place in Hattiesburg.

What piece of Southern Miss apparel can you not live without on game-day?
My Southern Miss belt

How were you introduced to Southern Miss and USM Athletics?
I was introduced to Southern Miss Athletics when I was born. Not only did my grandmother go to USM, but also my Parents, It's in my blood.

Tell us what Southern Miss Athletics means to you.
To me, Southern Miss Athletics means fighting through adversity, always believing that you can achieve whatever you put your mind too, and being willing to take on any challenge, which means Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime!!!

What is your favorite Southern Miss cheer?
Are you from Dixie

What is your pregame ritual?
Thirty minutes to kick off I walk down Black & Gold Blvd and into the Stadium. I NEVER miss kickoff.

Define Golden Eagle Pride?
Golden Eagle Pride is not only following your team to Knoxville, Tenn., Houston, Texas, Huntington, W. Va., Louisville, Ky., Tuscaloosa, Ala., Auburn, Ala. and many others and not to mention soon to Annapolis, Maryland, but knowing that when you put on that Black and Gold or our Logo that you have been part of what I feel is the best Southern Tradition that is only known by the lucky few.

What makes you the most passionate Golden Eagle Fan?
I am the most passionate Golden Eagle fan because I will put my own job on the line to watch the Golden Eagles play. After starting my first week at my job where I am still employed, I told them on Friday I needed Monday off cause I was driving to see USM play in the College World Series in Omaha, Neb., on Sunday night. I watched us play Texas and once the unfortunate outcome of that game happened I was forced to drive over half way back to Mobile, Ala., so I could be back at work on Tuesday.

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