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Golden Eagle Pride Campaign Highlights Their First Spotlight

Captain Henry Hall

Sept. 8, 2011

How long have you been a supporter of the Eagle Club?
4 years

Where are you currently located?
Saucier, Miss.

What is your earliest memory of Southern Miss Athletics?
When I was in J.R.O.T.C. at Prentiss High School, we use to do fundraisers at USM by working at the concession stands. The first time I walked through the tunnel to the bleachers and I saw 30k plus screaming for Southern Miss, I knew then this is something I wanted to be part of.

Why do you support the Eagle Club and Southern Miss Athletics?
In order for a program to reach the next level, it needs a strong foundation. That foundation is the support true fans provide when called upon. Also, it is a way to give back to help an athlete obtain a college education.

You have season tickets to what sports?
Football and Baseball

What is your favorite Southern Miss Athletics tradition?
Singing the fight song after a touchdown.

Who is your favorite Southern Miss coach or athlete, past or present?
My favorite coaches are Coach Fedora and Coach McNelis. My favorite players would be Pauline Love (former Lady Eagle basketball player) and Anthony Gray.

What are three must-have items for your own personal tailgate?
Southern Miss folding chair, banner, and drinking cups

What is the best type of food to have at a tailgate?
BBQ hotdogs and cheeseburgers

Why should more Southern Miss fans and supporters join the Eagle Club?
Not only is it a way to assist the university so it won't have to take from its budget, but it also shows the appreciation we have for the players of all sports, who work year around to go out and represent Southern Miss in the most admirable way.

From all of USM's athletic success, what is your favorite memory of all-time?
Going to watch Southern Miss win the 1999 Liberty Bowl.

What is your favorite part about the game-day environment for any USM sports team?
The pre-game warm-ups in football.

What is your favorite place on the campus of Southern Miss?
Payne Center

What do you miss about Southern Miss?
Walking from the post office out onto the hub, looking to see what is taken place in front of the Commons.

What piece of Southern Miss apparel can you not live without on game-day?
I wear a Southern Miss cap. I always have one on for game day.

How were you introduced to Southern Miss and USM Athletics?
I have always had friends that played different sports, so I just supported them. I gained interest in the Eagle Club in 2007 when I flew to Boise to watch Southern Miss play them. Not knowing me, Dick Vogel took me under his wing and showed me what the Eagle Club was about. There, I also was reunited with an old friend who I did not know was in the Eagle Club as well (John Polk).

Tell us what Southern Miss Athletics means to you.
To me, Southern Miss has always been one of the original "Giant Killers". Before there was a Boise, when TCU was down, and Utah was still a growing program, Southern Miss was beating the Florida State's, Alabama's, and the Nebraska's of the world. That mentality rubs off on you when you become part of the Southern Miss family; willing to take on any task (no matter how big or small) and be successful when others counted you out.

What is your favorite Southern Miss cheer?
The "Nasty Bunch" cheer.

What is your pregame ritual?
I like to get to the stadium and be seated 20 minutes before the game starts. If I miss the kickoff, I think it is bad luck.

Define Golden Eagle Pride?
An example of Golden Pride is knowing we might not have the biggest budget or play in the biggest stadium, but one thing no one can take away is the heart in which we do things. At Southern Miss, we wear the logo not only a mascot emblem, but as a badge. A badge representing everyone who came before us, who pave the way for our university as well as athletics to continue to build on the foundation, in which they created. It is our responsibility to not let the undefeated seasons, the N.I.T. Championship, the C-USA football titles, or World Series appearance to ever be forgotten. Golden Eagle Pride sends a message to all that Southern Miss has survived the test of time and that we are here to stay.

What makes you the most passionate Golden Eagle Fan?
When I was in high school, I had multiple avenues in which my education could have been paid for at other schools, but I chose to pay out of pocket to attend Southern Miss. The Army has taken me to many places around the world and Southern Miss has always traveled on or with me. From the warm tourist area of Costa Rica, to the rough and rugged city of Mosul, Iraq, those that come after me will know that Southern Miss was there. Southern Miss......To The Top!!!

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