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To The Top: Mission Possible

July 17, 2017 Tom Cruise seems to get credit for resurrecting the Mission Impossible series. Since 1996, Cruise has starred in 5 films that have grossed $3 billion in worldwide ticket sales.

At the beginning of each movie, Cruise (as Ethan Hunt) is presented with an “impossible” mission. Then along with a crack team of specialists, and against all odds, and with heavy doses of ingenuity, creativity and old-fashioned problem-solving skills, Cruise makes the mission impossible “possible.”

He gets the job done! Saves the day! Rescues humanity! Restores order! All things good!

I just love the thought of making our Mission possible! Our mission reads as follows:

- In alignment with the educational mission of the University of Southern Mississippi –

- We guide and support our Student-Athletes in the pursuit of excellence – academically, athletically and personally.

- We serve as ambassadors and advocates for our Department of Athletics and the University.

That mission gets me excited each and every time I read it. And each day, along with our professional staff and coaches, we work diligently to transform the lives of 350 Student-Athletes, and promote the wellbeing of this University.

At times, we face an array of distracting and disruptive influences (think of safety and health issues, think of compliance issues, think of financial challenges, and the like). Yet we gladly and willingly accept our mission.

At Southern Miss Athletics, we are not saving the world. We are building the world, making this a better place to live – one Student-Athlete at a time! We are honored to serve as we transform the lives of our Student-Athletes.

Mission Possible! That’s OUR job.

We love our jobs.



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