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More on Conference Realignments

June 15, 2010

Needless to say I have had a very interesting last few days visiting with many of the athletic directors and conference commissioners from all over the country during my outings at the Orange Bowl and St. Petersburg Bowl gatherings. Those who try to predict what the final outcome of conference realignment will be are finding it a difficult, if not an impossible, task. I was not surprised by the most recent announcement that Texas and the other members of the Big XII have declined an offer to join the Pac-10 Conference.

Just days ago, it seemed the news of Nebraska leaving the Big XII to join the Big Ten, and Colorado leaving to join the Pac-10, had started a wholesale tumble of realignment dominoes. With yesterday's news out of the Big XII, it seems like common sense has prevailed and the realignment has slowed down.

We at Southern Miss continue to monitor these events and stay engaged in the national dialogue. I encourage our fans to do likewise, and join in discussions and forums where this subject is discussed and always be positive about Southern Miss. We have a lot of positives to talk about regarding our school, our athletic program and our history of success. We are pleased with the improvements made in our overall program and facilities, but we are especially proud that our graduation rate remains among the highest in the nation. Our goal will always be to play at the highest level and always compete for the best postseason opportunities that are possible.

While we still monitor the national athletic scene, we are proud of what we are doing at Southern Miss. Right now, our fans can help move us forward by purchasing or renewing memberships to the Eagle Club, buying season tickets, and making plans to attend games this fall.

More importantly, I would like to pass on my personal sympathy to Mr. & Mrs. Barry Henderson who lost their son Myles this past weekend in a car crash. Myles was a cheerleader for Southern Miss the last two years. The entire athletic department family will miss Myles and we have the Henderson's in our thoughts and prayers.

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