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2009-10 APR Figures for Southern Miss Student-Athletes Released by the NCAA

May 24, 2011

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HATTIESBURG, Miss. - The Academic Progress Rates (APR) for all Southern Miss student-athletes were released Tuesday by the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

The Academic Progress Rate, now in its seventh year, measures the eligibility, retention and graduation of student-athletes competing for every Division I sports team. It also serves as a predictor of graduation success. The most recent APR scores are based on a multiyear rate that averages scores from the 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09 and 2009-10 academic years.

Of the 16 sports programs at Southern Miss, 13 of the squads ranked above 940 with a high of 994 with women's volleyball for their multiyear rate. The next highest was the men's tennis team with a 980, followed by the baseball program at 979. The next highest women's sport was soccer with a 976.

The APR is based on each student-athlete having the opportunity to earn two points during each regular academic term of full-time enrollment (e.g., fall semester). One point is awarded if the student-athlete is academically eligible to compete the following regular academic term (or has graduated). The other point is awarded if the student-athlete returns to the institution as a full-time student the next regular academic term or graduate from the university. The APR is calculated by adding all the points earned by the student-athletes over the past two academic years and dividing that number by the total possible points that could have been earned. That number is then multiplied by 1,000.

"Congratulations to all of our student-athletes for another year of solid academic performance," said Southern Miss Director of Athletics Richard Giannini. "We are proud of our two teams, who collected a 1000 for women's tennis and women's cross country for their 2009-10 rate.

"Our coaches and staff take APR extremely seriously and we try to get better each year in that regard. We couldn't do that without the faculty and athletic academic staff that put in the long hours in helping to provide our student-athletes educational experience and we congratulate their efforts as well."

The multiyear rate for men's golf was next at 977, followed by women's tennis 969, women's outdoor track and softball at 961, women's indoor track at 960, women's golf at 953, women's cross country at 948 men's indoor track at 947, women's basketball at 945, men's outdoor track at 937, football 928 and men's basketball 910.

When a team's academic performance, measured by that team's APR, falls below 925, that team becomes subject to penalties if any student-athlete on that team did not return to the institution as a full-time student and was not academically eligible when the student-athlete left the institution. This penalty in known as a contemporaneous penalty and potentially limits the amount of athletics aid that the team may award.

Only men's basketball fell below the mandated 925 APR core but will not suffer penalties or official warnings. The program has shown demonstrated academic improvement and favorable comparison based on other academic or institutional factors.

Southern Miss APR Scores

SportMultiyear Rate2009-10
Men's Basketball910909
Men's Golf977977
Men's Tennis980972
Men's Track, Indoor947923
Men's Track, Outdoor937923
Women's Basketball945941
Women's Cross Country9481000
Women's Golf953944
Women's Softball961958
Women's Soccer976990
Women's Tennis9691000
Women's Track, Indoor960980
Women's Track, Outdoor961980

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