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Born To [Train]: Football

Growing up I was taught, there are two great days in a person’s life: The day they were born and the day they discover why!
Great achievements are usually born of great sacrifice, and never result in selfishness.
If only I could get one more rep. One more sprint. Another pull-up. 5 More pounds on the bar. 10 More mins in the weight room. If only I could be the best I can be every second, minute, and hour of the day. There’s two voices in your head. A voice that’s trying to stop your grind and a voice that is trying to enhance your grind.
When that bad voice tells you I’m tired, I’m hurting, I can’t go anymore, I don’t feel like doing this. It should be a sensor that goes off in your heart that says what’s my why? My why wakes me up every morning. My why is the reason I do what I do. I don’t do what I do for show. But I do what I do because I was remembered how many times I was denied, the countless numbers of times I failed, the people that told me I can’t. My why is every single day I wake up; I have an opportunity to outwork those who quit, those who gave up, and those who took their opportunity for granted. God is that good voice! He tells us we can when others tell us we can’t. He tells us we will when we’ve been told no. He tells us to push ourselves we we’re about to give out. He tells us get up when we have fallen. He tells us one more rep when we say no more reps.

He tells us keep going when our mind tells us to stop. He tells us keep fighting when it seems to be no way. He tells us to trust him when we can’t even see him. That’s the voice of success, courage, and passion! We all are a bunch of zero’s from different backgrounds with the same goal.
Goals to win! Goals to out work our opponent! Goals to fight and to never give up! Goals to become successful! Goals to make it to the next level! What separates a good player from a great player? The will to go the extra mile when you’re tired. The will to persevere through adversity. The will to pick your brother up when he fall. The will to lay your life on the line for your team. As a team, there are only a few things a player can control and that is work ethic, mindset, and effort. What fans and people on the outside see is the long touchdowns, the amazing tackles, interceptions, one handed catches, sacks, and all the celebrating that goes alone with this wonderful sport. But what they don’t see is the grind!!!!!!! The 6am runs. Countless hours in the weight room. Long meetings and film review. We were born to play this game. But what they don’t know is, everything that we are going through is preparing us for what we asked for! One mind. One goal. A championship!!!!!!! We weren’t made for this, we were born for it. God has blessed us today to do what others won’t so tomorrow we can do what other can’t.

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