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Born To [Train]: Women's Soccer

April 19, 2017 RING RING
It’s 5 a.m. Get up: It’s time to train.
Something inside of you has to push you to get up every day and keep grinding.
There isn’t a break…but really isn’t that the best part.
How hard can you push yourself? You’ll never know unless you do it.
You can’t want it easy, because it’s not. You just need possible.
Anything worth fighting for will bring adversity because that’s where we learn to push to levels we thought weren’t attainable.
There is a feeling unremarkable when you can humble yourself enough to be happy that the girl next to you surpassed a goal, regardless of your own assessment that day.
It’s hard not to smile when I think about my teammates killing lifts in the weight room or making progress on the field, because every bit of sweat and tears is for those moments.
This is spring training; getting up before the sun rises to practice and lift, on top of school…this makes things that used to seem so difficult so easy.
The grind becomes a habit…and life would be boring without it.
The feeling of soreness means we worked hard. You don’t just train, or lift; you physically and mentally push oneself to the point of exhaustion.
If I can add five pounds to my lift, you can bet that the bar will get heavier.
It’s important for optimal training, but you learn to suffice with even the slightest amount.
Half the battle is mental.
But nothing a simple quote from our savior can’t handle or a little pep talk from a teammate won’t fix.
There will be good days and there will be bad days that seem to never end.
When you may questions why you do what you do or where you feel like you’re just not good enough…those days pass.
Distractions can’t touch you because there is nothing you will let get in the way of the effort put in every single day.

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